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Kibwe started on the path to directing when he was about 13. Directing for him feels like a combination of all life’s experiences regurgitated in moving image and sound. He taught himself to animate, became a travel photographer, trained as an architect and engineer each time trying to follow that path finding out something new about himself and the world, but each path he followed found him more and more confused and uncertain about where he was actually headed. Until he got the opportunity to start making films where using ideas and influences from all aspects of his life to create something.  Embracing uncertainties gave Kibwe more freedom. It gave him the opportunity to create and gave him a voice. Kibwe continues to embrace uncertainties in his work and in life; although scary, it can lead to amazing things.


To show what opportunities come from the unknown, how uncertainty can breed creativity.

Four Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Your art comes from within, use things that influence you to create and give your work depth
  2. Use all the tools that you have learned to help communicate your ideas
  3. To distill and simplify ideas in your pitches, to make sure that its clear what the idea is, if possible try and create some of your own art, imagery when working on projects so everything doesn’t become derivative
  4. Develop your own style and process for your work