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In mid-2015 Gretel pitched for the branding of Viceland, the linear culture channel being launched by Vice. Vice is the fastest growing youth media brand in the world. It was a plum opportunity to be invited to pitch on shaping Viceland’s identity from scratch, especially with Spike Jonze and Eddy Moretti as creative leads on the client side. Greg and Ryan put a ton of hard work into one of their best pitches to date. But it didn’t win. Or it did win, sort of. And that’s what they’ll be talking about: how not winning can still sometimes be winning.

In the process, they’ll also talk a bit about their thoughts on pitching: how they approach a pitch and what the pros and cons are for clients and studios.


To give some insight into their pitch process and thoughts on pitching as a whole.


Three Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Some insight into how they pitch at Gretel
  2. What it means to win a client
  3. Why you should, or shouldn’t pitch