Adina studied anthropology and primate studies. After zoo and field research, malaria scares and too many rainforest insect bites, she returned stateside trading in Teva’s for MiuMiu oxfords and a career in advertising. Adina produced TV commercials for 11 years at three different ad agencies, covering luxury goods, auto, pharmaceutical, and non-profit assignments.

The first ad campaign she worked on was for Saab “Find Your Own Road.” Beautifully illustrated by French editorial and fashion artist Jean-Philippe Delhommes and animation direction by Johnathon Hodgson. The following years offered many opportunities to tackle both live action and animation based projects. The creation of Blacklist grew out of a love for design and animation-driven storytelling.

In the 10 years since she launched Blacklist, the company has been proud to produce work with exceptional talent around the globe and to be recognized in many award shows and film festivals by our peers. Blacklist’s current roster includes: Studio Aka, Golden Wolf, Wizz, Cisma, Terry Hall, Saiman Chow, Man V. Magnet, Holbrooks, Tendril, and Polynoid among other secret powers.