Stephen Martell has been working on the edge of technology and human experience for 20 years, entirely by accident. Joining an ad agency in his early career the cool TV commercial work was taken by the seasoned vets, the barren lands of WAP Browsers, Flash, and Facebook Apps were all that was left. Digital evolved to mobile, where Stephen helped to build one of the largest private augmented reality companies in North America over the next 9 years. At the same time, seeing people experience his work resonated more than the anonymous reality common in the digital space. With a passion for live experience, Stephen shifted to live events just in time for the world to shut down. And now gratefully leads the Innovation at DE-YAN, a team of Unreal Engine and Creative Technologists designing interactions in luxury, fashion, and gaming.

You’re catching Stephen in the middle of another shift, he’s a new dad, and almost made every slide of the presentation feature a photo of his son. Almost.