Welcome to COLLIDE!

Where students and aspiring professionals COLLIDE with established creative minds to see and shape the future. Up-and-comers can uncover new role models and explore the world’s best ideas from the leading edge. A one-of-a-kind conference in Atlantic Canada – Collide is an interactive event for digital creators in Halifax, Nova Scotia curated by leading design and technology event producers FITC.

Collide will feature sessions in Design, Development, and Marketing – and will showcase Atlantic Canada as a hub for creative professionals. If you work in interactive this is an event not to miss.


“The networking was great! I found it very valuable and met lots of new people. I followed up with them afterwards and now have more design contacts, which is excellent. Both local people (local to the province) and international (in the US and Britain), so I’m pumped!” – Leah Noble

“I left with a lot more knowledge about the industry and what could be possible after I graduate. I was so inspired to find a project I love and pour my heart and soul into it.” – Katie Waye

“As an indie developer I wear multiple hats and could find useful stuff in each of the streams.” – Andrew Burke

“I was able to get exclusive access to video game tech that otherwise I would not have been able to demo. It had a very nostalgic atmosphere” – Shana McCrae

“I love seeing people talk who live breathe and dream their profession. Being able to see the passion while someone is talking makes all the difference.” – Nick Woodman


  • 2 days and nights of events
  • 2 tracks of content
  • Now in its 4th year!
  • Over 20 industry expert presenters from around the world

Who should attend

DIGITAL CREATORS and TECHNOLOGISTS. This event is for designers, developers, digital artists, marketers, or anyone who creates things in the digital space. From technical to inspirational sessions, there’s always something for you, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.

Why should you attend?

Collide covers the future of everything innovative, technical and creative to leave you informed, challenged and inspired. It’s two full days of presentations, featuring hand-picked speakers from all over the world. There are designated sessions covering Inspiration, Creative Coding, Web Dev, and Business. This means that at any given time you will have a selection of different presentations to choose from. It also provides unparalleled networking opportunities and legendary parties. We bring the community together to connect, putting you in a room with people who share your passion for this industry and giving the future a stage.