FITC Toronto 2024 // In-person

2024-04-29 00:00:00 2024-05-01 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2024 // In-person Join us for a celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, digital development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Toronto FITC ET Toronto

A Year Of Hyper-Accelerated Creative AI Transformation
Over the last year, we’ve seen a rapid acceleration in artificial intelligence, and Media.Monks has been at the forefront of this exciting journey, aiming not only to improve their work… Read more…
AI Storytelling Strategy
Iran Reyes Fleitas
Art in Dusty Places
Every year a city of 75,000 people is built in the middle of a dry lake bed which is in the middle of the Black Rock Desert which is in… Read more…
Interactive Art Dust
Jared Ficklin
Authentically Connect Brands With Audiences Through Immersive Experiences
This talk explores avenues for taking creative risks to captivate new audiences and foster deep bonds. From The Sphere in Vegas and the Illuminarium now in Toronto, to a custom… Read more…
Roundtable Experiential Innovation Marketing
Chance Favors Those In Motion
You’ve heard the advice, find your passion and pursue it. That quitting your job and working for yourself is the only way you can realize your talents. The reality is… Read more…
Innovation Inspire Performance
Stephen Martell
Collaborative Creativity: Human-AI Partnerships
In the evolving landscape of art and design, the integration of AI has ushered in a new era of creative possibilities. This panel discussion will delve into the evolving symbiotic… Read more…
Roundtable AI Art Collaboration
Creativity And The Bandwidth Problem
In this presentation, Matthew Milan will unpack the concept of the bandwidth problem faced by creatives in today’s AI-enabled digital age. He’ll explore the idea that our cognitive capabilities, our… Read more…
AI Design UX/UI
Matthew Milan
Decode Your Life Purpose The Easy Way (With AI, Of Course!)
This insightful talk guides participants through discovering and articulating their life purpose into a powerful personal brand promise. It delves into how individuals can effectively bridge their internal understanding with… Read more…
AI Innovation Inspire Strategy
Jason Theodor
Design Systems, Personalization, And GenAI At Scale For All Canadians
The Loblaw Digital UX team will share the latest innovations that have enabled them to drive personalization for all Canadians, by using an industry-best design system and the latest and… Read more…
Collaboration Design Work Better
Enlightenment – Reflections On The Creative Process
FITC Toronto 2024 always promises to be a captivating showcase with some of the most talented and inspiring digital creators from around the globe. Each year, the event’s titles evoke… Read more…
Design Process VFX
Alejandro Robledo Mejia (RMA)
Exploring Mars: UI/UX Design For Spatial Computing
Join Krys as she shares the dramatic tale of a small but mighty team’s quest to create an app for the Apple Vision Pro – a month before the device… Read more…
Spatial Computing Collaboration UX/UI
Krys Blackwood
FITC AI & Creativity Networking Lunch
Join us for this networking lunch for anyone interested in AI and Creativity as part of the FITC Toronto 2024 conference. Speakers from FITC Toronto will be in attendance including… Read more…
FITC Immersive Design Networking Lunch
Join us for this networking lunch as part of the FITC Toronto 2024 conference. Speakers from FITC Toronto in attendance include:
• Anthea Foyer, Sector Development Officer, IDM Office… Read more…
FITC Spatial Computing Networking Lunch
Join us for this networking lunch for anyone interested in AI and Creativity as part of the FITC Toronto 2024 conference. There will be a few speakers from FITC Toronto… Read more…
FITC x CreateinTO Networking Lunch
Join us for this CreateinTO networking lunch as part of the FITC Toronto 2024 conference. Rick Mason, CreateinTO manager, will be hosting the lunch, and a few speakers from FITC… Read more…
FutureSpaces with Josh Goldblum
Join us Monday and Tuesday afternoons after lunch upstairs in the Drawing Room for some casual conversations, drinks, and Q&A with a few of the FITC Toronto 2024 speakers. Hosted… Read more…
Nonsense: an instance of absurd action. Join Managing Partner Jessie McGuire in unpacking a decade of designing nonsense at her NYC-based creative studio, ThoughtMatter. ThoughtMatter’s approach to design is distinctly… Read more…
Design Process Storytelling
Jessie McGuire
How Augmented Reality Can Create Unforgettable Brand Experiences
What if ads were fun again? AR can transform traditional advertising and marketing content as entertaining branded experiences that seamlessly fit into any environment. In an increasingly noisy world, AR… Read more…
Spatial Computing Advertising AR
Adam Shlachter
9 years ago in his talk, “The Humans are Dead,” Mario Klingemann warned you that the rapid developments in AI might soon endanger the one domain that many thought to… Read more…
AI Art Inspire
Mario Klingemann
Immersed In Play
Design I/O has been creating large scale, interactive installations that push the boundaries of what is possible for over a decade. Design I/O’s work is driven by a love of… Read more…
Experiential Interaction
Theo Watson
Design I/O
In Conversation with Moment Factory
Full details to be announced soon (under press embargo), Quiver’s Graham Budd will chat with Moment Factory’s Stephane Raymond breaking down their latest groundbreaking immersive experience project. Read more…
Fireside Chat Exclusive
Living In The Inbetween: Blending Physical And Digital
Shadows of light bulbs that form words, flower petals that create calendar events, and walls that mimic you – let’s talk about real world versions of mixed reality. Join me… Read more…
Experimental AI Interaction
Zander Brimijoin
Red Paper Heart
Make More Money.
Earning money can have a lower priority for creatives, in part because our work is our passion, often because we lack the business knowledge that our clients take for granted,… Read more…
Business Work Better
Hoss Gifford
Niche For Now: Building A Career As A Multi-Passionate Creative
Join lettering artist, muralist, and chef Lauren Hom as she pulls back the curtain and shows you the ‘working file’ of charting an unconventional path in the creative industry. Best known for her… Read more…
Design Inspire Marketing
Lauren Hom
Hom Sweet Hom
Outdoing Yourself
We are at a pivotal moment for the creative industries. There are more professional creatives than ever before. Tools for creating are more accessible than ever. And we see unprecedented… Read more…
Inspire Work Better
Talia Cotton
Cotton Design
Reimagining The Reel: The Intersection Of AI And Cinematic Craft
Let’s embark on a journey through the transformative impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on the art and craft of filmmaking. This talk delves into how AI serves as a… Read more…
Video Workflow AI
Dré Labre
Surviving Uncertainty – Improvisational Creative Practice In Practice
Often we look for ways of working that can enhance or improve efficiency in our practices. This usually comes from looking at those further along in the same discipline and… Read more…
Advertising Art Work Better
Kim Alpert
The Early Experience Principles Shaping Spatial Computing
With the confluence of AR, VR, AI, and wearables, the potential of Spatial computing is not a distant future — it’s here now. With the releases of new mixed reality… Read more…
Spatial Computing Advertising Innovation
Media Ridha
The Power Of Immersive Design
Immersive Entertainment continues to be on the rise and is selling out venues all over the world. These experiences provide a wide range from the psychedelic Meow Wolf, to the… Read more…
Roundtable Design Experiential
The Rules Of Experience Design
In this talk, let’s take a deep dive into the rules and norms that shape the design of shared spaces. These rules often reflect the technology, societal values, and cultural… Read more…
Experiential Futurism Storytelling
Josh Goldblum
The Word For Work Is Play
At what point in our lives do we adults forget to play? Potential stories exist everywhere around us for Montreal creative duo Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel — perhaps that… Read more…
Advertising AI Process
Julien Vallée
Vallée Duhamel
Trips With Javia’s Notebook
Advances in consumer hardware, the democratization of creative software, and Generative AI are enabling a rapidly growing “creator” audience. Competition between users and agencies for engagement has never been fiercer… Read more…
AI Inspire Work Better
Toren Reaves