FITC Toronto 2024 // In-person

2024-04-29 00:00:00 2024-05-01 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2024 // In-person Join us for a celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, digital development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Toronto FITC ET Toronto



Over the last year, we’ve seen a rapid acceleration in artificial intelligence, and Media.Monks has been at the forefront of this exciting journey, aiming not only to improve their work but to change how they meet their clients’ varied needs. This adventure has touched every part of their company, involving everything from planning and innovation, to design and tech.

This session is designed for you—the creators, the innovators, the thinkers. In this talk, Iran Reyes of Media.Monks will peel back the curtain on the ambitious strides the team has made and the groundbreaking achievements they’ve unlocked. Get ready for an insider’s look at how Media.Monks empowered their teams, harnessed the potential of 41 state-of-the-art tools, sparked creativity through 16 hackathons, and brought to life over 100 avant-garde GenAI projects. From avatars with a human touch, to AI-infused pre and post-production pipelines, to global AI experiences that tackle challenges at scale and in real-time, the Media.Monks team has been setting the stage for an era of unmatched innovation. Join Iran in delving into this fusion of art, technology, and strategy, crafted to inspire the digital creators, marketers, and visionary students at FITC Toronto 2024 to explore the boundless possibilities of AI in shaping the future of digital creativity.


To inspire digital creators by showcasing Media.Monks’ AI journey: an inside look at the talent, tool and training that’s fueled our innovative strides and transformative impact across various projects and industries.

Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Innovative approaches to integrating AI into design, development, and creative processes.
  • Strategies for fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation among teams.
  • The impact of cutting-edge tools and technologies in enhancing project outcomes.
  • Insights from hosting hackathons to spur creativity and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Real-world applications and success stories of GenAI projects across different industries.

Target Audience

The target audience is digital creators, including designers, developers, technologists, alongside marketing and advertising professionals, as well as forward-thinking students interested in the intersection of AI and creative industries.