FITC Toronto 2024 // In-person

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With the confluence of AR, VR, AI, and wearables, the potential of Spatial computing is not a distant future — it’s here now. With the releases of new mixed reality devices like the Quest 3 and Vision Pro, we’re in an era of spatial computing that promises to revolutionize how brands interact with their audiences. With metaverse fatigue being a real thing, spatial computing shouldn’t be seen as ‘just another trend’ to capitalize on, but rather a medium to prepare for and explore as it continues to fundamentally reshape our digital behaviour.

With results from UNIT9’s own pioneering R&D initiatives helping to define what makes a successful spatial computing experience, let’s discuss what these early experience principles should be, and reveal more about the experiments that are exploring the boundaries of this innovative medium.


To educate the audience on spatial computing and the huge potential it brings to advertisers, whilst outlining the key principles that underpin this new medium, including:

  • Make It Fun
  • Connect Through Co-Presence
  • Plan For Contextual Environments
  • Design For Hybrid & Multi-Modal
  • Ensure Adjustable Immersion

Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Why spatial is not just this year’s trend, but the next decade’s medium
  • What spatial computing is and how it’s reshaping our digital behavior
  • How AR, VR, AI, wearables and other immersive technologies are converging to create new potential for this digitally-driven medium
  • Five key principles underpinning successful spatial experiences
  • What the most exciting use cases are for spatial experiences across a range of sectors

Target Audience

Ad & Creative Industry professionals and Mixed Reality enthusiasts,