Hoss Gifford

Hoss Gifford

Hoss is a CTO that moonlights as a freelance creative technologist.

He’s a digital industries veteran who’s published several books, won a bunch of awards, run a few companies, and shared his vision at a lot of international creative and technology conferences. In the copious amounts of free time this leaves, Hoss is inclined to judge awards including D&AD and The One Show, and for a while even enjoyed the title of visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art.

Although he has a degree in architecture, he’s served time as a graphic designer, worked in advertising and has the scars from good old fashioned new media. He also worked as a lifeguard in Pennsylvania in the eighties, a cocktail barman in Edinburgh in the nineties and owned a BMX shop in the noughties.

Hoss is currently CTO of Property Platform in New York, takes on private commissions to create beautiful WebGL experiences, and hosts a cookery show.