FITC Amsterdam 2015

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Tell everyone your agency has a lab. (Go on, it will give you an excuse to fail. And everyone’s always going on about how important it is to fail.) You’ll justify those self initiated projects you’ve been planning. Fill your lab with lots of new technology. Post images of your latest 3d print for fans to ogle.

But then what? Why did you do this again?

Toronto’s OneMethod is an agency with a lab — they call it the MethLab*. It’s created a restaurant, a fashion label, a part-time nightclub, and a handful of failed projects that proved just as enlightening as the wins.

Join Hoss, OneMethod’s VP Director of Technology, for a detailed look at the agency’s approach to creating new businesses – featuring the good bits from “The Lean Startup” and why to use the business model canvas.

You’ll discover why the traditional idea of a company skunkworks — an exclusive group of elite engineers and artists working at a secret offsite location — may seem alluring, but is ultimately damaging to the larger organization.

Most importantly, you’ll learn raw innovation isn’t enough to succeed, and that the ability to ship is more valuable than the imagination to come up with ideas.

*it’s not an actual meth lab


Learn the pitfalls and opportunities of having an innovation lab inside your agency.

Target Audience

Startup and innovation enthusiasts. And people who like tacos.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Come as you are.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How a design agency opened one of Toronto’s hottest restaurants.
  2. How to select which ideas are worth investing time and money into.
  3. The three things that guarantee a project will fail.
  4. A great process for defining your business model.
  5. Why secret skunkworks are a bad idea.