FITC Toronto 2010

2010-04-25 00:00:00 2010-04-28 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2010 Now in its 9th year, FITC Toronto is one of the largest and longest running events of its kind in the world. Toronto FITC Toronto



What happens when somebody transitions from a solo developer/designer into the owner or leader of their own studio? This panel will explore that journey and offer tips and insight for anybody looking to grow beyond freelance.

A business panel discussion consisting of five industry leaders and business owners, will discuss growth and growth management for any digital studio. The discussion will focus on what is involved for the transition from freelancer to business owner. The Panel will also cover some of their own historical paths and how they have changed. Discovering how the panelists grew from individual entities to running and operating their own businesses. Panelists will give their advice, points of view and experiences involved with growth and everything else that comes with running a studio.

Topics will cover a full spectrum: i.e. from “Producing and dealing with bigger projects”, “Moving from deliverables to solutions” to “Advice on building a talented team”.

 Who this presentation is for:
Anyone who conducts or operates within a digital media related business (they don’t have to be freelance or solo to benefit), Business Owners, Marketers, Developers, Designers, Academia, Advertising Agencies, Content Providers, Consultants, Executives and Freelancers.

What attendees will take from this presentation:
Valuable insight into the Digital Industry, where things are, the history and growth of five renowned Flash developers and where they’re going in future. Advice, experienced points of view, strategic tips and professional predictions.