Up next in the FITC Spotlight series, a hands-on full-day event dedicated to process. Part presentation, part workshop, this event is all about process.


This all day workshop event will be lead by industry veteran and top rated FITC presenter Daniel Schutzsmith. In addition, we will be inviting a few other ‘guest speakers’ coming in to join him. Stay tuned for details!

Did we mention lunch?

Thanks to our friends at Panago Pizza, we’ll have pizza for lunch

Whats included?

FITC Spotlight tickets include

  • Access to all presentations from 10am to 5pm
  • Coffee throughout the day
  • Pizza served for lunch compliments of our friends at Panago Pizza
  • Link to videos of all the presentations after the event

Event Overview

Process is important. Sure, as hackers and creatives we might get by for some time on our eccentric ideas and skills, but the reality is that as a business we need to define and continually refine our processes to ensure continued growth and quality.

In this full-day event we will examine what kinds of processes are used in the web and design industries and the tools they use; create an outline of your own process as well as a milestone calendar to make sure you complete it after the day has concluded.

We’ll laugh, we might cry, but most importantly we’ll grow our understanding and skills to create a process that can help our companies right now.


Provide attendees with a clear path to documenting and refining their business’ process for growth.

Target Audience

Freelancers and smallish Studio Managers / Owners with under 50 staff.

5 things audience members will learn

1) an understanding of the reasons process is so important in business.
2) an outline of what their reasons are for defining the process.
3) an outline of the tools and methodologies they’ll use to define the process.
4) a deeper understanding of how some creative studios and agencies define their process.
5) a rough outline of their process / a calendar of milestones set towards completing their process.

About Spotlight events

We develop our Spotlight events as jam-packed full day events focusing on a specific topic relevant to today’s digital creators. They are designed for industry professionals, with notable speakers presenting on their specialty. Attendees will build up their skills and learn new information, with a minimal time commitment and a nice low price point.