2015-10-22 00:00:00 2015-10-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto COLLIDE 2015 Welcome to COLLIDE! Where students and aspiring professionals COLLIDE with established creative minds to see and shape the future. Up-and-comers can uncover new role models and explore the world’s best ideas from the leading edge. A one-of-a-kind conference in Atlantic Canada – Collide is an interactive… Halifax FITC Halifax

Beyond the Waterfall: Rethinking How We Work
Designer passes comp to developer. Developer develops. Project done. Unfortunately, this traditional ‘waterfall’ approach is riddled with missed opportunities. Given the complexity of our web projects today, collaborative workflows can… Read more…
Work Better
Maya Bruck
Creating Great Digital Experiences
As creatives we strive to create great work with every single project, as digital designers we can shape our output by focusing on the user experience. This session will shed… Read more…
Inspire Work Better
Dave Benton
Creative Scheming in the Five to Nine: Seduction, Violence and a Whole Lot of Crazy
One evening class. Half-finished homework. A meandering, well-meaning presentation. Questions. Epic vulnerability. Job discussion. Coffee. Freelance discussion. Coffee and cake. Crazy idea. Interactive narrative. Not so crazy idea. This is… Read more…
Business Planning Storytelling
CSS: A Slippery Slope to the Backend
Think CSS isn’t important? Or just for girls? Or an afterthought like accessibility or security? Spoiler alert: you’re wrong (about all of those)! CSS has become the gateway drug for… Read more…
Front-End UX/UI Web Dev
Kacey Mack
Getting Started with Angular 2
Angular 2 is a powerful framework that lets you create fast and scalable web apps with clean and readable code. With the lessons learned from previous web frameworks and the… Read more…
Frameworks JavaScript
Rob McDiarmid
How to Feed Hungry, Heartless Algorithms Good Data
While few creative types have statistics beefing up their resumes, the creative world is still judged by these measures in most companies. In fact, companies are now signing up for… Read more…
Danielle Leighton
T4G Ltd.
Innovating Beyond Atlantic Canada
Finding killer examples of innovation is an easy task. Finding examples that you can apply to local clients, budgets, or scale for our corner of the world – that’s another… Read more…
Business Inspire
Stephen Martell
Logo Tips, Tricks, Triumphs, Turds, Threats and Tales from the DDC
Join us for this exciting 1/2 day workshop with the one and only Aaron Draplin! This workshop will be from 10am to 1pm on Sat October 24th and is included… Read more…
Inspire Workshop
Aaron James Draplin
Draplin Design Co
We are born creative people. As children we are taught at an early age to foster and cultivate our creativity through drawing, painting and craft. To have fun with what… Read more…
Design Inspire
James White
Miles Davis Taught Me to Draw
What would two painters improvising look like? Improv Canvas is a real-time collaborative drawing tool that preserves the personal pen or brush stroke for a visual conversation. The project transforms… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling Work Better
Alon Chitayat
More Things I’ve Learned
A follow up to the critically acclaimed, ‘Things I Have Learned’ presentation from 2010, where Hoss shared life lessons from the importance of exercise to how much programmers should be… Read more…
Business Failure
Hoss Gifford
Reinvent Your Creative Process with Collaborative Hackathons
Humans crave the story of the lonely genius. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs. We love to pin our most extraordinary creative accomplishments on a single, brilliant, God-like being. There’s… Read more…
Inspire Work Better
Graham North
Goodby Silverstein
Roads, Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads
We can’t predict the future, will there be flying cars? Hoverboards? Self-drying jackets? Can movies help us understand what the future is going to be like? If so, as designers… Read more…
Inspire UX/UI
Claudio Guglieri
Tall Tales From A Large Man
Using scientific proof and state-of-the-art multimedia techniques, Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. delivers a suckerpunch of a talk that aims to provide bonafide proof of work, the… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Aaron James Draplin
Draplin Design Co
The Art of Messing with People
Why can’t a sword be used to create an art piece? What if spirit animals followed you on a bike ride? Shouldn’t a pool light up with animations when you… Read more…
Daniel Scheibel
Red Paper Heart
The Browser Is Dead, Long Live The Web!
For decades, it has been safe to assume that every networked computing device had a graphical web browser installed by default. With the rise of mobile computing, wearable tech, and… Read more…
Business Web Dev
Jonathan Stark
The Creation Revolution
When people hear the term ‘3D printing’ a wonderful method of creating something comes to mind, as it should. But is it as simple as the media portrays? What are… Read more…
Cat Adalay
Thinking Robot Studios
The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be
Come hear the story of the development of PowerCube VR, a multi-player virtual reality homage to Tetris played with a wireless cube controller and originally conceived while brainstorming with friends… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling VR
Denis Lirette
The Working Dead
How to survive the plague of undead institutions and create a company that can kick ass and take brains. Do you work for (or with) a zombie company that has… Read more…
Jason Theodor
Understanding HTTP & Web Performance
Nowadays, user expectations of web applications are higher than ever. Unfortunately for developers, with the rise of mobile, those users are consuming their experience from low bandwidth and low powered… Read more…
Front-End Web Dev Work Better
Web, Native iOS and Native Android with One Ember.js App
Many companies maintain a separate repo for web and native mobile applications, and sometimes yet another for mobile web. Historically you may hear that ‘wrapped applications’ are slower and choppy.… Read more…
Web Dev
Alexander Blom
Isle of Code
Why Does my Fridge Need Twitter?
More and more, everyday objects are getting connected – fridges, doorbells, thermostats – even kettles. The present state of the art, along with the Maker movement, makes it really easy for… Read more…
Hardware Inspire
Mark Rigley
Why Would You Can’t
The thing that most often holds us back isn’t a temporary creative block, lack of opportunity or lazy collaborators. We’ve seen the enemy, and it is us. Kim Alpert, award winning… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Kim Alpert
Make Amazing Inc
Your Job Title Sounds Made Up (Gurus, Ninjas and Other Actual Real Fake Titles)
If you think that a job title like ‘Social Interaction Strategist’ sounds completely made up, that’s okay – it was. In fact, it was made up for Helen Androlia. In the quickly… Read more…
Business Work Better
Helen Androlia
Juniper Park \ TBWA