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What would two painters improvising look like? Improv Canvas is a real-time collaborative drawing tool that preserves the personal pen or brush stroke for a visual conversation. The project transforms a once solitary act into a playful drawing jam.
Musicians, dancers, and actors have always used improvisation for collaborative dialogue. This spontaneous conversation sparks new ideas, energy, and inspiration. As a visual artist, I envy that kind of collaboration. Improv Canvas offers a space to connect with another artist in a real- time brush stroke duet. It offers a hybrid alternative to the digital stylus – a freedom to choose your preferred drawing surface, medium and tool. The analog visual elements are captured on video, streamed, and combined onto a digital canvas. The resulting composition emerges from the joyful interplay of the two artists, whether face-to-face or miles apart.


How can we bridge the gap of user experience between traditional and digital drawing?

Target Audience

Creative community, visual artists, musicians

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Drawing is playful
  2. How to make your hands listen
  3. Collaboration is the highest level of inspiration
  4. Where do traditional and digital drawing connect
  5. How to use drawing for storytelling