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Designer passes comp to developer. Developer develops. Project done. Unfortunately, this traditional ‘waterfall’ approach is riddled with missed opportunities. Given the complexity of our web projects today, collaborative workflows can dramatically increase the efficiency and quality of the final product.

In this session, Maya Bruck will share concrete tools and techniques she has used to make all members of the team (including clients!) active participants instead of passive recipients. All while having a lot more fun in the process.


Learn tools and techniques for engaging the full breadth of your team in the creative process, turning research, prototyping, design and development into a collaborative and highly effective effort.

Target Audience

Designers, developers, project managers


  1. Engage clients and the full breadth of your team from the beginning of the process.
  2. Turn research, sketching, prototyping and beyond into a collaborative effort.
  3. Discover missed opportunities in the traditional web design workflow.