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Why can’t a sword be used to create an art piece? What if spirit animals followed you on a bike ride? Shouldn’t a pool light up with animations when you jump in? At Red Paper Heart, these are the odd questions that they ask each other – and they’re about playing with users expectations of physical objects. Enter the transformative world of interactive installations. Responsive technology can redefine the rules for even the simplest of objects by changing their function. Deftly alternating between gratifying and confounding deep-seated expectations can create surprising moments of delight. In this session, Daniel will talk about swords, music boxes and how they created surprisingly immersive art installations with them. And why cats can’t hold swords.



To start a discussion about what makes a great user experience for installations.

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in making interactive art installations


  1. Why user experience is such a different job in the installation world
  2. How to think through the expectations a user will have of your interaction
  3. What it means to balance expectations and payoffs in a physical interaction
  4. How we can change the use and meaning of objects through technology
  5. How all this results in Grumpy Cat hanging out with you.