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As creatives we strive to create great work with every single project, as digital designers we can shape our output by focusing on the user experience. This session will shed light on defining and setting up your projects for success, accurately portraying your clients brand and creating a culture around excellence. Dave will use real world examples and processes that effectively tell brand stories that turn customers into brand ambassadors. By discussing the process from brand construction to site launch we will help you convey your clients brand and ‘create great experiences’.


To share the process of creating great digital experiences and culture that surrounds it.

Target Audience

Designers who want to create great work and the producers who mange creative departments.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Goal setting and how to define success for projects
  2. Getting great ideas through client reviews
  3. Encompassing the views for all parties involved in the project
  4. Accounting for user personas
  5. Effectively conveying brands