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One evening class. Half-finished homework. A meandering, well-meaning presentation. Questions. Epic vulnerability. Job discussion. Coffee. Freelance discussion. Coffee and cake. Crazy idea. Interactive narrative. Not so crazy idea. This is cool. Mutual interest. Collaboration. Contract. Weekly coffee. Google Docs. Money. We should make some. Advertising is boring. We can do better. Holy fuck there are a lot of smart women in this city. Creativity in advertising models.

And that was how Sarah and Rachel met.

No start-up plan, no “networking”, just a series of micro-interactions that led the adaptation of a screenplay for social media.

Which may – or may not – lead to profit. Perhaps we’ll know by the time we present at Collide.

This talk is for everyone who secretly wants to be Steve Jobs. Perhaps a little more for ladies who have some entrepreneurial spirit, but aren’t quite sure how to channel it.



To get everyone in the room leaving with someone they’ve only just met. To increase the number of “just because” projects in Halifax.



Vampires. And people who want to be Steve Jobs.


  1. Why hoarding ideas is really unhealthy
  2. The more you talk through your crazy ideas, the less crazy they become
  3. Partnerships make you accountable
  4. It’s OK not to have a business plan
  5. Not the destination, but the glory of the ride