FITC Toronto 2007

2007-04-22 00:00:00 2007-04-25 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2007 Jam packed with fun and information, as well as a massive networking opportunity, FITC consists of presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions, the kick ass FITC awards show, and of course the most talked about...parties!! Toronto FITC Toronto

“Mixed Media” Evolves
Geared primarily toward producers, designers and animation enthusiasts who are interested in expanding their vocabulary and appreciation of the diversity of styles within the field of “Mixed Media” animation. This… Read more…
Steve Oakes
Accessible Flash: Oxymoron?
Contrary to popular belief, making a Flash movie accessible to a wider selection of users does not require cartwheels and back flips. A few basic usability and accessibility considerations can… Read more…
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Niqui Merret
ActionScript 3.0 and Flash CS3
Veteran ActionScript educator and author Colin Moock discusses the new links between ActionScript 3.0 code and content created in Flash CS3. Topics covered include the document class, linking symbols to… Read more…
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Colin Moock
AI & Designing Self Awareness Using AS3
The introduction of AS3 has presented us with new array of possibilities. Along with the greater rendering speed, AS3 also comes with more structure to the built-in Classes, which conform… Read more…
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Gary Stasiuk
AmoebaCorp: Design Magic, Doers of the Improbable™
Charismatic, clairvoyant, conjuring, demoniac, diabolic, eerie, these are just a couple of words to describe the founders of AmoebaCorp, because without question MikeyMike™ have been cursed with the gift of… Read more…
Mike Kelar and Mikey Richardson
Apollo Outside the Box
Officially, Apollo is a cross-platform runtime that allows developers to build Rich Internet Applications for the desktop, using Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, and PDF. I like to think of… Read more…
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Keith Peters
Architecting Applications with Adobe Flex
This session describes how to build large-scale Flex applications using sound design patterns, such as the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, and best practices, such as loose coupling of application components. Who… Read more…
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James Talbot
AS2 to AS3 Migration
Migrate from using ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3 quickly and efficiently to leverage the new features and performance of the language. This session will adopt a how-to approach by examining… Read more…
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Stacey Mulcahy
Microsoft Garage
AS3 3D
Performance improvements in AS3 have been benchmarked at 10 times the speed of Flash 8! The new event model and display list make AS3 even more tempting! With all this… Read more…
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Glyn Thomas
AS3 Game Development in a Nutshell
Get a glimpse into the technical and inspirational power of game development with Flash 9 and ActionScript 3.0. See how to use OOP techniques to build a modular game architecture… Read more…
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Francis Bourre
Docler Holding
Based on a True Story
You won’t find lying, cheating and deceiving others on any job description, but according to Hoss they are the most important skills for any digital creative. How many job titles… Read more…
Hoss Gifford
Becoming AS3: 10 Things AS1/2 Hybrid Coders Should Know
AS3 isn’t just a new version, it’s a whole new world, with applications that can run up to 30 times faster than those written in earlier versions! This talk by… Read more…
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R Blank
Bridging The Gap: 2D – 3D
Traditionally, the world of 2D and 3D has been known as a divided discipline. Angus discusses crossover points between these complimentary fields. He will showcase several recent high-profile commercial projects… Read more…
Angus Kneale
The Mill New York
Building Casual Games in Flash
Sure, you can use Flash to build an annoying banner ad promising a free iPod if users can “click the monkey”- but there are much bigger opportunities in games these… Read more…
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Phillip Kerman
Building Red5 Applications
Take your Flash and Flex applications to the next level. Add streaming video, live interactivity and push technology to your projects, all using the acclaimed open source Red5 Flash server.… Read more…
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Chris Allen
BumpTop: Pushing the Desktop Metaphor
BumpTop is a next-generation desktop interface that makes your computer’s desktop more productive and meaningful. Driven by the same rich, subtle and casual organization techniques we use in our real… Read more…
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Anand Agarawala
Component Based Development in the Flex World
Flex excels at providing a rich set of UI components that are used in applications to help promote component based development principals, but sometimes those components are not enough. In… Read more…
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Chafic Kazoun
Components and AS3
Grant Skinner, lead architect of the v3 component set for the next release of the Flash authoring tool, will discuss ActionScript 3 and the new v3 component set. Topics will… Read more…
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Grant Skinner
Creating e-Learning Games with Flash
To ensure students comprehend and retain subject matter, e-Learning needs to be immersive, entertaining and relate to the student’s real world experiences. In this session we will discuss several creative… Read more…
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Adam Brown
Creating High Impact Motion Graphics in After Effects for use in Flash
With the recent introduction of the brand new After Effects CS3, interactive designers using After Effects and Flash will be able to creating more compelling motion graphics than ever before.… Read more…
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Colin Smith
Creative Business Boot Camp – Workshop
Note that this is a pre-festival workshop day (April 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘the works’ tickets, or the ‘pre-festival workshop’ tickets. Daniel Schutzsmith will… Read more…
Daniel Schutzsmith
Natural Resources Defense Council
Custom Video Players With The Brightcove API
Brightcove now offers a set of open apis for publishers to create their own customized video experience. This lets publishers create a heavily branded video player that can interact with… Read more…
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Sam Robbins
Deconstructing the Trinity
Concept. Design. Development. Each phase of a project has its own challenges and each obstacle requires various ways of problem solving to create elegant solutions. A handful of recent Firstborn… Read more…
Dan LaCivita
Deliberate Practice: Spiking for Flash Prosperity
Spiking refers to creating a throw-away experiment during development. They are quick tests, throw-away code where the goal is to maximize the fluidity and charisma of an experiment while normalizing… Read more…
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Paul Ortchanian
Democratizing Ideas
In the hyper-retentive agency world, the org chart reigns supreme as arbiter of designations. You are a designer; you are a developer; you are a project manager, and so it… Read more…