FITC Toronto 2007

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Sure, you can use Flash to build an annoying banner ad promising a free iPod if users can “click the monkey”- but there are much bigger opportunities in games these days. This session begins by exploring the emerging opportunities using Flash to build casual games and fully sponsored “advergames”. The hardcore gaming market, while huge, is actually pretty flat and Flash developers are in a prime position to build casual games that are fun to play and appeal to gamers who do not want to invest a ton of time (a demographic that’s predominately older and female). The casual game market is hot!

In addition to covering the economic opportunities, this session will highlight the design and technical challenges inherent in making games, including the technical challenges in making multi-user games.

Who this presentation is for:

All Flash skill levels but is geared to those interested in transitioning into game development.

What attendees will walk away with:

An appreciation for the current state of Flash game development as well as a clue where the market is moving. You’ll also acquire understanding of the terms and common technical issues faced when developing games and a behind the scenes look at two widely distributed games that run inside MSN Messenger.