FITC Winnipeg 2006

2006-11-25 00:00:00 2006-11-26 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Winnipeg 2006 1 full day and night of design & Technology Two tracks of presentations – 14 presentations in total Presentations in Creative, Technical, and Business areas, focusing on cutting edge trends and developments within the New Media Industry Renowned design and technology presenters from around the… Winnipeg FITC Winnipeg

After Effects for Flash Designers
In this one hour session you will discover that Flash and After Effects, when combined, are a motion graphics power house. From animated text effects, alpha channel video creation to… Read more…
Web Dev
Tom Green
Exploring the Business of Flash for Online Games & Sweepstakes
It’s no secret people love the chance to win prizes. That’s why more and more marketers are building online games, contests, sweepstakes and loyalty promotions into the DNA of their… Read more…
Joel Parent
From Chaos To Order
Unleashing the power of AS3 for information visualization. A half technical, half inspirational session that explores the possibilities of parsing, displaying, ordering and filtering really large data sets to create… Read more…
Web Dev
Marcos Weskamp
Getting Started with Flex
Interested in Flex but not sure how to get started? This session will cover basic Flex programming concepts and how they relate to other technologies like ColdFusion, PHP, and Flash.… Read more…
Web Dev
Abbas Rizvi
GMUNK will focus on the Processes and Techniques of Broadcast Design and Videography.. He will show countless storyboards and how design ideas go through the necessary steps to a completed… Read more…
i.e. ID | Identity and Understanding
“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” “Identity lies at the very core of culture, and is the key to our understanding of self. Understanding culture is… Read more…
Robert L. Peters
This presentation will take a look at the processes, benefits and challenges of creating commercial and personal work the context of a small motion design studio. We will look to… Read more…
Ron Gervais
Importance of Research and Development for Creating Visual Effects in Feature Film.
Ken Zorniak from Frantic Films will discuss the role and importance of Research and Development in the operation of Frantic Films Visual Effects Division. The discussion will be focused on… Read more…
Ken Zorniak
Integrating Games and Animation
Robin and Sandy will talk about how games and animation, two very different genres, can be merged successfully (and not so successfully) to create something that combines the best of… Read more…
New Design Challenges – New Solutions!
Standards compliant web sites, graphics element – either static or interactive, that can easily be created and used by the developers are among some of the challenges faced everyday. Microsoft… Read more…
Web Dev
John Bristowe
Playing with Video
Flash Professional 8 kicks out the jams on web video and you are about to discover there is a lot more under the hood than the Video Encoder and the… Read more…
Web Dev
Tom Green
Rapid Development Architecture
Rapid Development Architecture: Globalization, Back/Next, SEO, and built in Flash! Impress your friends and clients by having your site utilize the browser Back and Next buttons, be more search engine… Read more…
Web Dev
Scott Ingalls
Seducing and Intoxicating Clients
A surrealist approach to getting paid for personal work via the commercial piggy bank. Read more…
Champagne Valentine
Steering Arcs in 3D Space
The use of 3D engine enables the extension of the 2D stage into unexplored 3D worlds. Through the use of Bezier Curves combined with 3D Cameras; zooming, panning and traveling… Read more…
Web Dev
Paul Ortchanian