FITC Winnipeg 2006

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Flash Professional 8 kicks out the jams on web video and you are about to discover there is a lot more under the hood than the Video Encoder and the FLVPlayback component.

In this one hour session Green will walk you through some of the neat things you can do with video that are both Code Free and Code Intensive. Among the topics to be covered:

Code free video effects from shadows to color changes.
After Effects Text animation and Flash.
Using Alpha channel video to trigger other video
How Alpha Channel video and HTML make an interesting combination
Using BitmapData to create some fascinating masking effects
Masks in motion.

Who this presentation is for:

Aimed at developers from Beginner to Intermediate

What attendees will walk away with:

This session will provide you with a number of creative approaches ranging from the simple to the complex, when it comes to using Flash Video and offers you a deeper insight into the possibilities of this technology.