Web Unleashed 2020
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A fireside chat with Mina Markham
Join us for an intimate and interactive interview where Chris Coyier (Co-Founder , CodePen) interviews Mina Markham! Read more…
Mina Markham
Staff Engineer, Slack
Chris Coyier
Co-Founder , CodePen
Anagogic Inference Of Sorting Algorithms
What hides between the lines of so-called “boring” algorithms we all know about? Can sorting lists of values become almost a mystical experience when combined with creativity and artistic direction?… Read more…
Activity Live Coding Performance
Mynah Marie
Live coder, musician, Earth To Abigail
Build Your Fullstack Utility Belt
Building a web application is much easier said than done. As developers, we handle a lot of moving parts; designing the frontend, structuring the backend, and then setting up a… Read more…
Serverless JavaScript Web Dev
Joshua Alphonse
Developer Advocate, Corvid by Wix
Building Beautiful Experiences with Flutter
Google Flutter is a refreshing take on multi-platform application development, allowing devs to create visually rich, highly engaging experiences that run on mobile, web, desktop, and beyond. This session will… Read more…
Creative Code Front-End Mobile
Grant Skinner
CEO, gskinner.com
Building Expertise and Community through Chapters
This talk will introduce and explore the idea of ‘chapters’, and specifically, how they are implemented within RBC’s Omni department. The chapter working model has implications in terms of both… Read more…
Agile Collaboration Work Better
Jesse Mykolyn
Director, Front-End Chapter Lead, RBC
Amy Wah
Director, Front-end Chapter Lead, RBC
Creating Accessible React Native Apps
React Native is a great way to create native iOS and Android apps in a way most web developers might already be familiar with. How do you ensure your React… Read more…
Accessibility React Web Dev
Scott Vinkle
Accessibility Specialist, Shopify
Deploy Your Static Web App with Your Favourite Framework in Minutes
You’ve built an app and you want it to scale. Do you want CI/CD, custom domains, SSL certificates, APIs, global scale of your static assets, authentication, and authorization? Whether your… Read more…
DevOps Frameworks JavaScript
John Papa
Principle Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Forms – Live by Playmodes
Forms is a generative audiovisual synthesis bot; the synaesthetic dream of a digital brain. A custom software generates abstract visual music scores in real-time, giving birth to myriads of audiovisual… Read more…
Activity Live Coding Performance
Santi Vilanova
Sound researcher, Playmodes
From Milliseconds to Millions: A Look at the Numbers Powering Web Performance
We all know performance is big business, but how big? Let’s take a look at some of the numbers powering the web performance industry from both sides of the table.… Read more…
Blockchain Web Dev
Harry Roberts
Consultant Front-End Architect, CSS Wizardry Ltd.
Good Technical Debt
How would you spend a tech debt mortgage? “Technical debt” is a dirty word in the software engineering field, but financial debt isn’t universally reviled in the same way: the… Read more…
Agile Business Planning
Jon Thornton
Engineering Director, Squarespace
How to expose an API on a serverless dev environment in few minutes
Join us during the extended break and learn more about the necessary tools for your fullstack utility belt. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive and explore how to… Read more…
Improving the Web VisuA11Y
Web accessibility has become more of a buzzword than a process to make the web more accessible to a variety of users. Even when good accessibility is implemented in applications,… Read more…
Accessibility Collaboration
Obinna Ekwuno
Software Engineer, Gatsby
Contrasting with contemporary and often obscure resources, bytebeat expresses an obscene computational elegance. Opposed to humanization or mimesis, bytebeat finds aesthetic value in low-level programming and the contingencies of specific… Read more…
Activity Performance
Gabriel Vinazza (aka GEDE)
Live-coder, teacher, philosopher ,
Master Gatsby
Gatsby is a JavaScript framework for creating blazing fast and super modern websites with react.js. What makes it so good? Isn’t it just another static site generator? I hear it’s… Read more…
CSS JavaScript
Wes Bos
Full Stack Web Developer & Designer, wesbos.com
Mo’Problems, Mo’Nads
Monads –  that word alone probably made you shudder or roll your eyes, but don’t run away! Functional Programming (FP) offers many benefits to our programs, even in a loose… Read more…
Functional Programming (FP) JavaScript
Kyle Simpson
Director of Web Futures, Getify Solutions
Serverless at the End of the Universe
Serverless functions are extremely good at what they do – providing planet-scale computing power for your applications. Where serverless functions fall short, however, is state management. When missing state management… Read more…
Simona Cotin
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Skilling Up with Microsoft
Join us at the Microsoft virtual booth to learn about the free Cloud Skills Challenge toolkit and our Canada Wide Developer Digital Meetup Tour. This activation will be hosted on… Read more…
Systems of Systems
Design systems create an umbrella to to define the future of our design work, but they aren’t the biggest umbrella — they exist under broader social, political, and infrastructural systems… Read more…
Accessibility Ethics Inspire
Tatiana Mac
Designer, tatianamac.com
The World-Wide Work
These days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The tech industry is facing a veritable raft of ethical, moral, and political crises. Automation and industrialization are reshaping our world. Sitting in… Read more…
Ethan Marcotte
Web Designer, ethanmarcotte.com
To be announced
Details coming shortly. Read more…
What if the Real 10× Developer was the Friends We Made Along the Way?
Every so often the 10× developer trope makes the rounds. The debates get heated: what is a 10× developer? are these traits we should treasure or avoid? do 10× developers… Read more…
Collaboration Inspire Work Better
Jason Lengstorf
Principal Developer Experience Engineer, Netlify
What Technologies are Relevant in Today’s Marketplace?
With more platforms releasing their own technologies, it can be a challenge to determine which technologies you should focus on learning. In this panel, hear from tech leaders who can… Read more…
Tools Front-End Panel
Ehsan Motamedi
Digital Leader, Deloitte Canada
Amy Wah
Director, Front-end Chapter Lead, RBC
Mike Baxter
Chief Technology Officer, Kijiji
Iulia Zelmer
IT Lead of Innovations, Pacific Life
What’s New In CSS?
New features are arriving in our browsers faster these days, and in this talk I will share some of the new CSS that is landing in browsers right now. We’ll… Read more…
CSS Front-End Web Dev
Rachel Andrew
Co-founder, Perch CMS