Born in Canada from a Portuguese family and currently living in Israel, Mynah Marie has been a traveling musician for the past 15 years. She performs all around the globe as an accordionist, playing with artists such as Soan (France), Din Din Aviv (Israel), Casa Verde Colectivo (Mexico) and Arijit Singh (India).

As a solo artist, she performs under the name Earth To Abigail, and leverages the power of algorithms using live coding with Sonic Pi while maintaining an organic sound through the integration of her voice and instruments. Focused as much on experimentation as in the healing properties of sound, her music surpasses genres.

Though apparently shy and a bit mysterious, Mynah is extremely open-hearted and loves interacting with new people who are interested in having meaningful conversations – especially ones that satisfy her insatiable geekiness! You can get in touch with her through social media or directly through her website at