Jesse Mykolyn is a technical lead and a front-end chapter lead within RBC’s Omni department. As a technical lead, he helps his team deliver web applications that simplify and improve RBC’s banking experience. As a chapter lead, he helps his peers to learn, grow, and deepen their technical expertise.

Jesse is also involved in Toronto’s broader technical community. Jesse is an instructor with Canada Learning Code and Humber College. He is also a visiting lecturer at General Assembly’s Bitmaker, and Ryerson University’s Advanced Digital Professional Training Program.

Jesse has a background in design, and briefly explored a career as an industrial designer. It didn’t quite work out, but he still considers himself a ‘lighting person’. Jesse is also a science fiction enthusiast, which factors into much of his personal work. He hopes to one day become a published science fiction author, although he recognizes that the journey probably begins with actually writing something.