Why buy a ticket?

✓ Ideas and inspiration 
Network with well-known developers from around the world. Explore innovative techniques and emerging platforms. Bring cutting-edge tools and templates back to your team.
✓ Exciting programming
Hear from the industry’s top professionals from Microsoft, BBC News, Netlify, CodePen, and others. Take part in live Q&As and Slack groups.
✓ Amazing quality
FITC has been a leader in hosting online conferences since 2002 and this year we’ve perfected the experience for you. Expect top-end production values and content you can trust.
✓ A sense of community
This is a time to make new friends and connect with people you never knew you missed! Relax, share, mix and mingle with like-minded folks who appreciate the value of a developer community.
✓ All talks will be recorded
All the presentations will be recorded for your viewing pleasure after the event, so don’t sweat it if you have to dip out for a bit. You’ll be able to view the content 24/7 well after the conference closes.