FlashintheCan 2002

2002-03-25 00:00:00 2002-03-27 00:00:00 America/Toronto FlashintheCan 2002 The FlashintheCan Festival was the first-ever Canadian educational and inspirational festival, dedicated to supporting and showcasing the Flash community of designers and developers in Canada. Toronto FITC Toronto

Accessability and Flash
Did you know that you can now create accessible web content that includes rich media? Have you wanted to use Macromedia Flash MX content but were concerned about policy or… Read more…
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Brian Donovan
Adobe Keynote
Adobe will showcase it’s integrated suite of tools supporting the Flash file format, and how they sustain Adobe’s vision of Network Publishing to publish anything, anywhere, on any device. Read more…
John Nack
ColdFusion has been called the hyper-rapid server-side scripting language of this era. This seminar on ColdFusion will explore the possibilities of using one Macromedia technology to service another. As an… Read more…
Web Dev
Kevin Towes
Dynamic Drawing in Flash MX
This session will introduce you to the exciting new drawing commands in Flash MX. Learn how to create lines, curves, and shapes with pure ActionScript. Penner will also show you… Read more…
Robert Penner
Flash <> Server Communications
Connecting Flash with server applications opens up a whole world of opportunities for developers and ActionScript provides a range of options handle this communication. In his talk, Jason Krogh of… Read more…
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Jason Krogh
Flash as a Creative Tool
Design of interactivity on the web has come from it’s infancy creating naive motion graphics and embellished roll-overs to developing a branding voice through interactivity. In this session Todd Purgason… Read more…
Todd Purgason
Flash Audio
One of Craig’s full-time passions is audio and it’s role in creating dynamic and engaging online user experiences-as can be witnessed with looplabs.com. In this session, Craig will walk you… Read more…
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Craig Swann
Flash Gaming
We will take a look at game development from a general game development standpoint (ideas, do’s, don’ts, design, and then specifically from a Flash standpoint. It will look at: Don’t… Read more…
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Glen Rhodes
Flash in a Flash
The impact of Macromedia Flash has caused an explosion of interactive content throughout the internet. It is rare to find a web site that is not without some form of… Read more…
Web Dev
Edward Apostol
Flash to Broadcast Video
Using Flash for export to video, TV or DVD. There are ways and methods of doing this properly and the processes can be used by anyone for things like ‘wedding… Read more…
Pete Barr-Watson
Livemotion 2.0
Learn about the newest release of LiveMotion – Adobe’s interactive Flash animation tool. Read more…
Henry Lee
Macromedia Keynote
This presentation will talk about rich application development using Macromedia Flash MX, and will be giving some sneak peaks of the future of the Macromedia Flash Development.
Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Chambers
Mobile Devices
Torrone, director of product development for Fallon Worldwid, explores the flash content on PDAs, ATMs, set top boxes, Web tablets, cell phones, and discusses content creation for the next vessels… Read more…
Web Dev
Phillip Torrone
Object-Oriented Programming in Flash
======================== This is an introduction to Object-Oriented Programming concepts in Flash. The benefits and implementations of OOP are explained. Topics such as inheritance, components, listener-based programming, and best practices are… Read more…
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Dave Yang
ptimizing Delivery of Flash Video and Audio
Join Robert Reinhardt, lead co-author of the best-selling Flash Bible series and the forthcoming ActionScript Bible, as he demonstrates how to integrate high-quality video and audio into your Flash movies.… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
Real World ActionScript
While experimental actionscript is great for the creative process, what sort of code is actually used day to day on real client work? In this session Bren takes you through… Read more…
Web Dev
Brendan Dawes
The Business of Flash
If you are a Flash developer, project manager or producer who loves the creativity but struggles with the rest of it, this panel session is for you. Our panelists will… Read more…
The Evolution of Communication Design
From print to Internet, the art of communication design has evolved from one-way communication to two-way communication. With technology such as Macromedia Flash, designers today must not only focus on… Read more…
Tony SY Ke
The Flash Quicktime Solution
This session will take an indepth look a Flash and Quicktime. Starting with the basics of attempting video in flash right through to the advanced capabilities of Flash in the… Read more…
Web Dev
Matt Newman
United User Experience
Colin Moock’s ongoing aspiration is to create collective experiences for the web. In this lecture, he demonstrates and dissects his latest work in the field of multi-user Flash content. Topics… Read more…
Web Dev
Colin Moock
Gregg Caines is interested primarily in the use of multimedia in a client-server environment, for creating dynamic presentations of equally dynamic data. In his lecture, he’ll be discussing the merits… Read more…
Web Dev
Gregg Caines