FlashintheCan 2002

2002-03-25 00:00:00 2002-03-27 00:00:00 America/Toronto FlashintheCan 2002 The FlashintheCan Festival was the first-ever Canadian educational and inspirational festival, dedicated to supporting and showcasing the Flash community of designers and developers in Canada. Toronto FITC Toronto



Using Flash for export to video, TV or DVD. There are ways and methods of doing this properly and the processes can be used by anyone for things like ‘wedding video graphics’ to full on broadcast quality productions. Basically from the novice user to the professional studio…

I will be showing how to do this using a variety of software; Flash with bits of Toon Boom Studio and Director. There would also be a follow through for how to finish stuff of in your NLE (final cut or premiere) before final export.

One of the biggest benefits of the processes I want to divulge is the use of ‘normal’ flash for web techniques. I.E. Using movie clips and so on, whilst still being able to output for Video. It is popularly thought that you can’t do this – I can show how to do it. For content production studios this is a useful thing to know as it will enable web content to be re-purposed for TV quite easily and painlessly.

The possibilities of using this knowledge are varied. TV stations can employ Flash designers to do motion graphics and output for broadcast. Flash cartoonists can output their work to DVD (DVD-R) and sell ‘proper’ versions of it to a more varied audience or even send a DVD to a commissioner and not the usual .swf!

I want to go into screen sizes and resolutions. Frame rates and safe areas. Colour and luminosity. Basically I want my session to be a one stop shop for all the stuff that took me ages to research and put together! I want the viewer to go away and be able to take their Flash content onto any kind of video capable platform for distribution outside of the web.

Time allowing, I also want to cover iTV and Flash. Most of the major Set Top Box manufacturers now include some form of embedded Flash and this opens up the way for studios to produce iTV content at a fraction of the cost previously. I’m personally working on a project for (and with) Microsoft TV. There is real money making potential for agencies there…