The festival consists of two full days of seminars, panels and presentations, an awards show screening and presentation during the early evening, and of course, a killer party.


Flash has become the de facto industry standard on the web: more than 90 percent of web viewers can view Flash content. Flash is the first file format to give designers and multimedia authors the ability to create high impact, vector based content, with full creative control over fonts, audio, interactivity and animation, and the ability to deliver that content to virtually any platform…web, CDrom, handheld, kiosk, and others.

The growth in Flash use has led to the establishment of ‘Flash Conference/Festivals’ in many parts of the world such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Australia. The time is right for a Canadian Flash Festival.

Booked for March 25-26 of 2002 at the Design Exchange in Toronto, the festival is a two day event with seminars, panels and conferences during the day, an award show screening and presentation during the early evening, and a party/mixer afterwards. The FlashintheCan Festival will showcase the many great Flash developers and designers within Canada, and will also serve to bring the Canadian Flash community together. It will also bring in a few international Flash Gods to Toronto to show some of their work.

The festival is all about Flash: how to do advanced things, how to make better content, how to sell to clients, how to budget, what a good production process involves, how to troubleshoot, how to overcome some of the deficiencies of Flash, where to go for inspiration, help, jobs, and assistance. It will profile some of the best in Canadian talent and help foster a sense of community within the Canadian Industry.

Who should attend?
Developers, designers, marketers, project managers, educators, digital audio and video users, client services, basically anyone working or having an interest in this popular web format. All will gain insight, knowledge, and some new contacts at the first ever Canadian Flash Festival.

Whether you’re an experienced Flash developer or designer, or you’re just getting interested, the Festival will have something for you. With three areas of focus: design, educational, and business, there will be plenty to see and do. Within the educational area, there will presentations for the beginner, the intermediate, and advanced users.

The FlashintheCan Festival is partnered with Digifest, the international showcase celebrating the best in digital media in the fields of animation, 3-D modeling, visual effects, virtual reality, gaming, internet, and digital art.