CAMP Festival 2019

2019-10-07 00:00:00 2019-10-09 00:00:00 America/Toronto CAMP Festival 2019 CAMP Festival is two solidly packed days of cutting-edge creative technology, art and design, with hand-picked speakers from around the world coming together in Calgary. Calgary FITC Calgary

Campfire: Scary Stories from the Studio
Join Leta and Wade as they get personal, and talk about scary mishaps, studio meltdowns, and computer crises. Get cozy around the campfire for storytelling with no slides, no filters,… Read more…
Business Failure Storytelling
Creating with Integrity
When you look at history, every innovation resulted in unwanted harm or erosion of trust. One of the key reasons for that is because we didn’t know how to design… Read more…
Accessibility Design VR
Arthur Bodolec
Creative Companionship
Not only do design duo Leta and Wade eat and sleep together, the two share a creative bond that has catapulted them to success. Their design studio, Wade and Leta… Read more…
Collaboration Design Work Better
Designing Futuristic/Odd Devices, Interfaces and Interactions
What would our devices, interfaces and the way we interact with them look like if we threw out all our pre-conceived notions about them? Through works ranging from bacteria based… Read more…
Futurism Interaction Innovation
Dhairya Dand
ODD Industries
Designing Respect for VR
Virtual reality (VR) designers accept the ethical responsibilities of removing a user’s entire world and superseding it with a fabricated reality. These unique immersive design challenges are intensified when virtual… Read more…
Accessibility Design VR
Michelle Cortese
Fumbling Around in the Dark
From the outside design can seem like a polished and intimidating world, full of ‘design-thinkers’ influencing the future of business and culture. The reality though, is often much less glamorous… Read more…
Design Storytelling Work Better
Matt Luckhurst
The New Company
Hands-On: Get Your Shit Together
Intention shapes perception. If you’re not aligned from the get-go, you won’t be able to see your vision. The subtle nuances in being sure that your “goal” aligns with your… Read more…
Soft Skills Strategy Work Better
Taylor Cashdan
Hands-On: Headversity– Think, Feel, and Be Better
Do you get overwhelmed? Stressed? Exhausted? Congratulations, you are a normal human being who lives in the world of exponential change. The antidote is resilience training. The headversity resilience methodology… Read more…
Strategy Stress Work Better
Dr. Ryan Todd
How Failure Can Fuel Your Most Creative Breakthroughs
Have you ever lost a pitch? Experienced a design critique gone awry? Or designed something you thought was terrible and thought, ‘‘Why do I even bother?” PJ has too. Nothing… Read more…
Design Failure Work Better
PJ Richardson
I Think I Have Imposters Syndrome, but it Might be Someone Else’s
Xerxes grew up surrounded by creatives. His dad was an architect and an artist who ran his own architecture practice out of their basement and owned his own art gallery… Read more…
Art Storytelling
Xerxes Irani
Amazon Music
Imagining Monsters in Children’s Book Illustration
Being a children’s book author and illustrator sounds like it should be all sunshine and rainbows, but sometimes you can get too much in your head. Kim shares her personal… Read more…
Art Storytelling Work Better
Kim Smith
Kim Smith Illustration
Immersive Cinema and the Power of Volumetric Storytelling
A technology that just ten years ago was science fiction is now reality. Several technological advances is the past few years are opening up a new frontier in volumetric storytelling.… Read more…
Film Storytelling VR
David Karlak
Let’s Get Vulnerable! The Ups and Downs of a Creative Life
Ever work alongside another creative and think you’re a total phony? Or push so hard to prove yourself that you crash and burn? How about feeling anxious when someone else… Read more…
Failure Panel Work Better
Mental Health Is Hard Work
Ryan is a psychiatrist and the CEO of a digital mental health company. He has sat with approximately 4,000 individuals with mental illness, and trained for eight years to be… Read more…
Innovation Science Work Better
Music & Sound: Picture’s Perfect Companion
How does music help tell a story without overshadowing it? If you didn’t notice the sound design, does that mean it worked? What are some of the most effective ways… Read more…
Audio Design Process
Andrea Wettstein
Six Degrees Music & Sound
Narrative Design at 150 Feet Per Second!
From “Men in Black” to “Ford v. Ferrari,” François will recount how his creative journey over the past 25 years—working in the art departments of 40 films—has revealed recurring lessons… Read more…
Design Film Inspire
François Audouy
Off the Browser
A lot of HKI members started off as Flash developers, which over time evolved into making rich web experiences in HTML / Javascript. While the advertisement industry is shifting toward… Read more…
Advertising AR Creative Code
Post-Earth Visions: Designing for Space and the Future Human
Today, the environments that humans occupy in space are designed for survival. Humans are carefully shuttled to and from space, and during their relatively short stays, they are provided with… Read more…
Design Futurism Social Innovation
Sands Fish
Pretty Rubbish
As an artist working with technology, it’s very tempting to always use the newest shiniest toys. However, artists have the freedom to reuse, misuse and subvert existing items. In this… Read more…
Art Creative Code Experiential
Neil Mendoza
Production Design: Unfiltered
Here Francois is in Calgary, designing the next “Ghostbusters” feature film for Columbia Pictures. How did he get here? Objective Unfiltered access to a leading feature film production designer in… Read more…
Film Inspire Storytelling
François Audouy
Psychology & Shit
Mike will talk all things film and mind… he will likely will be drunk, but therefore highly talkative. He’ll introduce the enneagram – a way to understand how your personality… Read more…
Film Storytelling
Mike Hill
Mike Hill Design
Say Yes and Figure it Out Later
The journey of a renaissance woman Coming from a background in genetics, Hilal Koyuncu will dive into how being a generalist has helped her in her career as a designer… Read more…
Collaboration UX/UI Work Better
Hilal Koyuncu
Stress Addiction: From Morning Coffee to the Cardiac Wing
“I work best under pressure.” “No worries—I’ll get it to you ASAP.” “It’s fine, I can handle it.” Sound familiar? It did for Taylor, as well, until he woke up… Read more…
Storytelling Stress Work Better
Taylor Cashdan
Tell Your Boss You’re Working: Professional Development Can be Fun and Productive
What do you do when you have downtime at work? When you’re in between meetings or waiting for client approval, does it feel like you should be doing something, but… Read more…
Design Inspire Work Better
The Story of You
Why do we do the things we do? What really drives our personalities; and how do our personalities form in the first place? Each of us is complex and unique… Read more…
Collaboration Film Work Better
Mike Hill
Mike Hill Design
Validation for Fun & Profit
Burnout is real, and behind every burnout is the never-ending pursuit of ‘more’: more recognition, more awards, more money, more confidence, more control, more success… Bamff would like to get… Read more…
Design Stress Work Better
Marc Rimmer
Visualizing Connections
Connections are a part of us, of the world. From the connections between people, between cultures, within language, and more. In these days when more data is collected daily than… Read more…
DataViz Process Social Innovation
Nadieh Bremer
Visual Cinnamon
Workshop: Creative Data Visualization Techniques
With so many tools available to visualize your data, it’s easy to get stuck in thinking about chart types, always just going for that bar or line chart, without truly… Read more…
DataViz Design Process
Nadieh Bremer
Visual Cinnamon
Workshop: Improv Your Design Skills
What do a good improv comedian and designer have in common? They both actively listen, collaborate and create. Improv has been used to foster personal and professional growth in a… Read more…
Collaboration Design UX/UI
Hilal Koyuncu
Workshop: Seeing is Believing
Marcel Duchamp was a pioneer of Dada, a movement that questioned long-held assumptions about what art should be and how it should be made. Duchamp was “interested in ideas—not merely… Read more…
Art Design Innovation
XR for Social Good … Maybe
Can we utilize extended reality (XR) technologies to create positive social impact? Are there ways that these can be leveraged to help improve our lives or address some of the… Read more…
AR Social Innovation VR
Anastasia Victor