CAMP Festival 2019

2019-10-07 00:00:00 2019-10-09 00:00:00 America/Toronto CAMP Festival 2019 CAMP Festival is two solidly packed days of cutting-edge creative technology, art and design, with hand-picked speakers from around the world coming together in Calgary. Calgary FITC Calgary



Ryan is a psychiatrist and the CEO of a digital mental health company. He has sat with approximately 4,000 individuals with mental illness, and trained for eight years to be able to have the skill set necessary to help these individuals. Throughout his experience, and from the best indications in the literature, Ryan has learned the common denominators of what makes people better. These common denominators are a) motivation b) goal setting c) patience. This may sound a lot like the things that help you get more physically fit, or the things that help you build a business, or the things that help you succeed in relationships…that is because they are! The myth persists that mental health is achieved by laying in hammocks, time on the beach, and balance. This is a myth, mental health is Hard Work!

Throughout this talk Ryan is going to bring this concept to life with statistics, real life clinical examples, and finally, provide the guide-posts as to what we need to be doing to “train they grey matter” of our brain in order to think, feel, and be better.


To understand that mental health can be trained and must be practiced

Target Audience

C-suite, CMO’s, HR

Four Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. …that mental illness effects us all
  2. …the things that help us stay mentally well are no secret, but they are hard work
  3. …that working on your mental health changes your brain structurally
  4. …the key pillars to achieving and maintaining mental health