Jason has always been passionate about creating artful experiences through design and technology; that passion is what drove him to invent Leviathan, a band of inspired minds intent upon shaping the future. This group’s combined artistry illuminates souls, engages audiences in ingenious, sublimely interactive ways, and sets stylish spaces aglow.

Leviathan’s projects have gained international acclaim through some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets, including The Creators Project, Communication Arts, Motionographer, Stash, The Verge and Wired. The business is built upon solid leadership, respect, a tightly integrated network of individuals with diverse talents, and –always– an unbridled passion for technology and design. The company’s patent expertise has enabled it to dream up and execute new ideas for Nike, Google, Microsoft, Disney, and The Art Institute of Chicago, among many other world-leading businesses and institutions. Leveraging these experiences, Jason proudly takes on the role of sharing his work and career advice with audiences as a keynote speaker at prominent conferences and colleges; and as an adjunct professor.