Explore design that transports you into a world of endless possibilities. We’re taking a deep dive into the area of Experiential Design and hope you’ll join us to learn how you can leverage this info in your work.

This one day event is designed for industry professionals and features notable speakers; attendees can expect to build up their skills with a minimal time commitment and a low price point.

Speakers include


What is Experiential Design?

Experiential Design = digital media experiences built for physical spaces. Experiential Design (XD) is the ultimate hybrid of all things cool: art, psychology, theatrics, choreography, video production, design, information design, interactive work, architecture, hardware specialization and technology. Together, these disciplines have formed the great foundation for the future of media as we know it – the new visual experience – in XD.

We live in an exciting time – with rapidly advancing technology and a growing thirst for new experiences that transcend advertising. In just a few short years, the moving images we once called “media” have transformed from basic screens and computer monitors, into immersive media experiences that surround their audiences with thrilling combinations of light, color and sound.


Spotlight Experiential Design is a part of NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s official citywide celebration of design that run May 3 – May 17, 2016.

Spotlight Experiential Design is part of Creative Tech Week, an Industry-Wide Gathering for the Creative Technology Field, held on April 29-May 6, 2016.