CAMP Festival 2014

2014-09-08 00:00:00 2014-09-10 00:00:00 America/Toronto CAMP Festival 2014 CAMP will educate you on the advancements in digital media, push your creativity, and leave you an inspired happy camper. Calgary FITC Calgary

5 Biggest Failures
Anton and Irene will candidly explain the 5 biggest failures and fuck ups in their careers and evaluate why it went so horribly wrong. Read more…
Failure Inspire Work Better
9 Weeks From Nuclear Engineer to Front End Developer
Robyn became a developer out of pure desperation. After quitting the 9-5 as a nuclear engineer, she was out of money and out of ideas. Fast forward to today – Robyn… Read more…
Storytelling Web Dev
Robyn Larsen
International Growth @ Shopify
Big Redesigns, Tough Clients and a Lot of Work!
Irene Pereyra, User Experience Director and Anton Repponen, Creative Director, will walk-through an in-depth ‘behind the scenes’ of the redesign of and the challenges in other large redesigns in a chronological manner:… Read more…
Business Inspire
Come Take a Journey Through Time and Space
Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage with Munkowitz as he guides you through an hour of intense graphic stimulation. Together you will intimately unravel a design career treated as… Read more…
Design Film Storytelling
Design and Happiness
Stefan Sagmeister will explore the possibilities of how to achieve happiness as a person and as designer, his tactics to make sure his work remains a calling without deteriorating into… Read more…
Stefan Sagmeister
Sagmeister Inc
Designing the Future of Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality has typically been defined as a layering of digital data, including text, images, audio, video, and 3D models, atop the physical environment, and is experienced through an AR… Read more…
Hardware UX/UI VR
Dr. Helen Papagiannis, Ph.D.
Augmented Stories
Excuses to Talk to People
This participatory campfire session will draw on non-digital interactive traditions to explore ways we can create projects that engage participants in interesting, enjoyable or meaningful experiences, rather than treating them as mere… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Edward Keeble
Exploring the Cosmos of HTML5
Somewhere along the line, we lost our innocent fascination with the web. We also sometimes forget how truly pervasive it is in our lives. Much like the planets and the stars… Read more…
Creative Code Storytelling
Tommy Lewis
Microsoft Canada
Extreme Interactive
Smuggling lasers onto airplanes, coding on yachts, bribing customs officials, negotiating with cat managers and biking through countries on the brink of war… is this a Bond movie? Deliriums of psychotic… Read more…
Ben Unsworth
GMUNK Unplugged and Magically Delicious
An honest and genuine kickdown with Mr. Munk – ask him ANYTHING – let’s get weird. Read more…
How to Be an Honest Shill
Every client wants consumers to think they’re the best, leaving the agencies with the task of making it so. While some fudge, finesse or just outright lie, there are better ways… Read more…
Business Work Better
It All Starts With Art
Jason offers an intimate insight into his conceptual process from building a professional studio to working with renowned brands on innovative media installations. By exposing the art of the pitch,… Read more…
Art Business Storytelling
Jason White
Process, Poetics and Performance
How can established techniques in art making and composition find a new voice in the current cultural, technological and creative landscape? Sougwen Chung shares her approach and reflects on her artistic development… Read more…
Storytelling Work Better
Sougwen Chung
Rich Web Experiences and the Future of the Web
The web has changed how we communicate, interact and create. The platform and how we use it are constantly adapting to support new innovations. The web has already grown a great… Read more…
Creative Code
CJ Gammon
Signalnoise: Unplugged in Calgary
Sometimes the sword finds a weakness in our armour; we lose some blood and maybe stumble a bit, but always grit our teeth and get back on our feet. James White… Read more…
Failure Storytelling
James White
The Journey, Not the Destination
We’re creative people not because it’s easy… but because it’s hard. James White, the one-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio, takes you through some of the more turbulent and… Read more…
James White
Things That Happened
Stefan Sagmeister tells stories. Read more…
Stefan Sagmeister
Sagmeister Inc
Unpacking the Dark Arts
Why is Candy Crush so addicting? Why do you love swiping on Tinder? How does Amazon always know what extras you should buy? It’s not just amazing design that compels you… Read more…
Design UX/UI
Michael J. Sikorsky
Robots and Pencils Inc.
Why Make?
Sara Blake will discuss her inspiration, work process, the blurry lines between art, design, and illustration, and that magic place where occupation meets vocation. For the past 10 years Sara has… Read more…
Design Storytelling
Sara Blake
Why Would You ‘Can’t’?
The thing that most often holds us back isn’t a temporary creative block, lack of opportunity or lazy collaborators. We’ve seen the enemy, and it is us. Kim is award… Read more…
Business Inspire Storytelling
Kim Alpert