Dré Labre founded TBD.company in 2017 to help business leaders navigate the chaos of a rapidly changing world. As a futurist, he looks at what’s happening today, then imagines possible tomorrows so organizations can make more informed decisions now.

He’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and is recognized internationally for his expertise. He proved himself as a business leader while a partner at a Toronto agency and innovation lab, and is also an accomplished speaker.

What sets Labre apart is his emphasis on strategic science fiction as a tool to provoke meaningful conversation and challenge assumptions. For Labre it’s not just about what technologies will emerge, it’s how we’ll use them, and how they’ll affect us. As such, he sees value in exploring longer time horizons, not just the next few quarters.

What drives Labre is his insatiable curiosity to know how things work. His hands-on, practical approach draws on his extensive knowledge of technology, electronics, physics and science. His work is grounded in an effective three-pillar process of interpreting signals, imagining scenarios and inventing prototypes. In this way, he helps organizations see through blind spots and develop innovative competitive advantages.

Finding out what’s possible might surprise you. But if you don’t prepare for inevitable change, you could be blindsided by reality. Visualize potential outcomes instead. As Labre believes, “the future belongs to those who imagine it.”