FITC Toronto 2014

2014-04-27 00:00:00 2014-04-30 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2014 FITC is the intersection between Creative Technologists, Designers, Developers and all-around awesome thinkers from various innovative industries across the globe. Toronto FITC Toronto


The Future of Experiential Media and Projection Mapping

Jason White
Executive Creative Director, Leviathan
Transitioning to Unity

Tim Stutts
Designer & Prototyper,
Creative Coding in Interaction Design

Tim Stutts
Designer & Prototyper,
Oculus Rift : Dos, Don’ts and Demos

Stephan Tanguay
Designer / Developer, call2action
Transcending Data

Marco Petkovski
Measurement Lead, Teehan+Lax
Hardware for a Soft World

Stacey Mulcahy
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Garage
Interactive Storytelling Adventures

Ingrid Kopp
Director of Digital Initiatives, Tribeca Film Institute
Designing Interactive Experiences for Kids of All Ages

Mark Argo
Founder, Aesthetec Studio
Using Bio-Sensors To Make Interactive Art

Sophi Kravitz
Director of Product, Hackaday
Around the Digital Campfire

Matthew Barnett
Creative Director,
Neural Coupling and Storytelling

Lanny Geffen
Director of User Experience and Strategy, OneMethod
The Language of People Giving a Shit

Graham Rapsey
Creative Director, Crafted Stories
Turning Bits Into Atoms

Rachel Binx
Data visualizer, Developer, Designer and Mathematician,
Sorting, Submarines and Stories

Molly Schwartz
Empowering Collaborative Art with Technology

Rami Sayar
Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Making New Ways to Make

Masashi Kawamura
Creative Director / Founder, PARTY
Empowering the “Mobile Web”

Chris Mills
Senior Tech Writer, Mozilla
Technology: A Means to an End

Thibault Imbert
Group Product Manager, Adobe
Streaming Video Without Plugins: the Future of Online Media

Jeff Tapper
Founding Partner, Digital Primates
Message in a Browser

Dann Toliver
Maker of Things, Bento Box
Cats, Dinosaurs and A Lot of Pizza

Reed + Rader
Reed + Rader
Technical Intuition

Andy Gilmore
The Onions of Interactive Infographic Design

Sarah Hunt
Director of UX Design, Paypal
Mistakes, Lessons, and Being Creative

Yuko Shimizu
Effects and Causes

Karolina Sobecka
Founder, Flightphase
Indoor Positioning Techniques in 2014: Where Are They Now?

Edward Keeble
Networking, Selling and Pitching

Kevin Airgid
Creative Director, Airgid Media Inc.
Learning from Science Fiction

Greg Borenstein
Researcher, MIT Media Lab
Making HTML5 Mobile Games Indistinguishable from Native Apps

Chris Shankland
Lead Developer, Big Viking Games

Bob Heubel
Haptic Technology Evangelist, Immersion
Backyard Brains – Neuroscience Up Close

Charlie Taylor
Our Once and Now Relationship with the Book

Pamela Hilborn
VP, Design & User Experience, Kobo Inc.
Browser Based Game Performance: I’m Over My Old Flame

Jason Arena
CEO, Workinman
Creating Astonishing Visuals with Uno

Anders Lassen
CEO, Outracks Technologies
Getting Started with Node.JS

Derek Watson
Senior Dev, TWG
Broke-Ass Mario Kart: Node.js + Arduino

Christopher Lewis
Creative Technologist, Fire Burns Up, Inc.
The 360º Technology Revolution

Sean Ramsay
Founder/CEO, Bubl
Sparky Jr. (Programmable RGB LED HID)

Eugene Andruszczenko
Tinkerer / Developer, Manulife
Web Components Can Do That?!

Addy Osmani
Engineering Manager, Google
Showing Your Brand Story Online

Dave Benton
Founder & Creative Director, metajive