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2013: Mastering New Things
During this talk Mikko will go over 2013 at Jam3: how the agency known for cool “Flash” work switched to do perhaps even cooler “HTML/JS” work without skipping a beat.… Read more…
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Mikko Haapoja
3D Printing Reality vs. Fantasy for Public Consumption
“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”: 3D printing promises Star-Trek like replication, but it’s not quite there yet. In this practical talk, MAKELAB Creative Lead Jonathan Moneta shares the pains and gains… Read more…
Jonathan Moneta
5 Biggest Failures
Anton and Irene will candidly explain the 5 biggest failures and f*ck ups in their careers and evaluate why it went so horribly wrong. Read more…
Adaptive, Responsive, Unified
Our multi-device world is full of smartphones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, tablets, laptops, dump phones and something called “desktops”… and all of them want our web content. Let’s take a… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Butcher
Aesthetics of an Abstract Machine
Media artist Mary Franck will discuss her practice of using realtime video and projection mapping for visceral experiences and storytelling, presenting recent projects to exemplify the relationships she creates between… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Mary Franck
Around the Digital Campfire
Brands are no longer limited to the traditional 30sec TV spot to get their story to an audience. The world of digital storytelling has not only opened the doors to… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Backyard Brains – Neuroscience Up Close
Both TV and the web overflow with brain scans, neural prostheses, brain medicines and brain drama. But most audiences have no idea how the brain works, and school biology has… Read more…
Hardware Inspire
Charlie Taylor
Be a Snortvart
We are who we were as kids. I think it’s that simple. The key is being brave and listening to that inner kid that’s had all the answers all along.… Read more…
Sara Blake
Big Redesigns, Tough Clients and a Lot of Work!
Irene Pereyra, User Experience Director and Anton Repponen, Creative Director, will walk-through an in-depth ‘behind the scenes’ of the redesign of and the challenges in other large redesigns in a chronological manner:… Read more…
Business Inspire
Breaking the Frame
For the last few years, Neil has been using creative coding and electronics to bring digital creations into the physical world. This session looks at the creative process behind some… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Neil Mendoza
Bringing C/C++ Content to the Web with Emscripten
In this presentation, Vladimir Vukicevic will introduce the Emscripten compiler and show how asm.js helps make the resulting JavaScript execute with near-native performance.  He will go over the entire porting process… Read more…
Web Dev
Vladimir Vukicevic
Broke-Ass Mario Kart: Node.js + Arduino
Moving heavy objects is the holy grail of digital / physical installations. Get beyond blinking LEDs as Christopher (a heavy load) breaks down a rideable Kart in this introduction to… Read more…
Christopher Lewis
Fire Burns Up, Inc.
Browser Based Game Performance: I’m Over My Old Flame
Whenever Jason Arena asks other developers if they’re embracing browsers based game development – he typically hear the same responses: performance is slow, animation looks bad, not all devices support… Read more…
Gaming Web Dev
Jason Arena
Cats, Dinosaurs and A Lot of Pizza
Take a plunge into artist couple Reed + Rader’s animated augmented reality. Reed + Rader will talk about their pioneering effort to help cement the animated GIF as a legitimate… Read more…
Reed + Rader
Reed + Rader
Cinderella Story: Code, Fabrication, Fashion
Once upon a time Mary Huang wanted to make a pretty dress. But then she learned how to code, and how electronics work, and how to build things for the… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Mary Huang
Continuum Fashion
Come Take a Journey Through Time and Space
Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage with Munkowitz as he guides you through an hour of intense graphic stimulation. Together you will intimately unravel a design career treated… Read more…
Connecting: Makers. A Screening and Discussion on Design
A short (20min) documentary with a brief discussion and Q&A to follow with one of the film’s creators, Andrew Casden. The ‘Connecting’ documentary series was born out of a strategic… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Andrew Casden
Bassett & Partners
Cooking with TouchDesigner
Greg and Markus will serve up a smorgasbord of recent bite-sized projects and treats that give a taste of how TouchDesigner is used to prototype ideas, develop concepts, produce effects, behaviors, interfaces and visualizations, all in… Read more…
Creative Code
Creating Astonishing Visuals with Uno
Uno is designed for cross-platform development of visual experiences and is the world’s first hybrid CPU/GPU language. In this talk Anders will share insights on how you can create slick… Read more…
Gaming Web Dev
Anders Lassen
Outracks Technologies
Creative Coding in Interaction Design
Creative coding is a practice that is infused in everything from programming 3D-printed furniture to generative, motion graphics for a commercial–essentially any place where design and development can overlap into… Read more…
Creative Code
Tim Stutts
Cross Media Storytelling
A peak into the birth, lifespan, conflict and death of storytelling through the technology and art spectrum. Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Geoffrey Lillemon
W+K Amsterdam
CSS Pre-Processors: Sass, Less & Stylus
Sit in on an in-depth comparison of the top three CSS pre-processors: Stylus, Less & Sass. This session is subdivided into beginner, intermediate and advanced topics that build on top of… Read more…
Web Dev
Bermon Painter
Debugging Your Web Stack Like a Pro
A look at the various tools (both browser-based, command line, editor-based) that can help you debug your web applications. This session will also discuss how these tools can be applied… Read more…
Web Dev
Raymond Camden
Design and Happiness
Stefan Sagmeister will explore the possibilities of how to achieve happiness as a person and as designer, his tactics to make sure his work remains a calling without deteriorating into… Read more…
Stefan Sagmeister
Sagmeister Inc
Designing Interactive Experiences for Kids of All Ages
From museums and science centres, to workshops and digital objects – the involvement of ‘play’ in interaction design helps bring audiences together to enjoy and engage. In this talk, Mark… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Mark Argo
Aesthetec Studio
Do It with Everyone
This is an invitation to discover a mode of creative exploration where ownership, authorship and even personal identity start to collapse. What happens when your artwork is built on tools… Read more…
Kyle McDonald
Effects and Causes
Technology, like magic, can create a sense of wonder by expanding our notions of what is possible or what is known. Those experiences, striking and visceral, also challenge our sense… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Karolina Sobecka
Empowering Collaborative Art with Technology
Can the literary arts be more than the creative output of a single individual? Most people believe literature arises from the self-expression of individual artists, however there is potential for… Read more…
Creative Code
Rami Sayar
Empowering the “Mobile Web”
“Mobile web” applications are often criticised for having inferior performance and a limited feature set, compared to “native” apps. To redress the balance, browser vendors are working on a number… Read more…
Web Dev
Chris Mills
Exploring the Web as a Graphical Medium
The Web has changed how we communicate, interact and create. The platform and how we use it are constantly adapting to support new innovations. The Web has already grown a… Read more…
Inspire Web Dev
CJ Gammon
Extreme Interactive
Smuggling lasers onto airplanes, coding on yachts, bribing customs officials, negotiating with cat managers and biking through countries on the brink of war: is this a Bond movie? Deliriums of… Read more…
Creative Code Gaming Hardware
Ben Unsworth
Failure. This is not a word most of us want to hear, let alone strive for. But what good is a world of perfectionists and good-enoughs? When do you give… Read more…
Jason Theodor
Firefox OS: Fixing the Mobile Web
The mobile web got a bad reputation. In reality, it’s the platform to bet on if you care about the reach and sustainability of your product. In this talk, Frédéric… Read more…
Web Dev
Frédéric Harper
Getting Along with Clients
Love ‘em, hate ‘em or love to hate ‘em, clients are the reason we all get to go to work. Surprisingly, when tough customers act like irrational, flip-flopping, bad idea… Read more…
Kurt Krumme
Getting Started with 3D Game Programming in Three.js
You’re gonna code in this talk and it’s going to be *amazing* This is a variation of the course that Chris Strom teaches to kids 8 years old & up.… Read more…
Gaming Web Dev
Chris Strom
Getting Started with Node.JS
This high-level introduction to Node.js gives the casual JavaScript developer everything they need to start building web applications, JSON APIs, network servers and more. Let Derek Watson, tech lead at The Working… Read more…
Web Dev
Derek Watson
Hardware for a Soft World
Two salty dogs of the hardware and software world duke it out and ask the questions that you would never dare to ask…but always wanted to know. You should also… Read more…
How to Collaborate with a Machine
In this talk Harvey Moon will cover a brief overview of the history of collaboration between artists and machines. His talk will discuss artists and technologists through history that have… Read more…
Harvey Moon
Ten things mobile game designers get wrong and how to fix them: Ever play a game that could be awesome if it were not for one little thing?  Or worse,… Read more…
Bob Heubel
Indoor Positioning Techniques in 2014: Where Are They Now?
The geolocation capabilities of smartphones are fantastic and well documented, so if your project requires you to locate people outside, you’re pretty well covered. But what do you do if… Read more…
Edward Keeble
Interactive Storytelling Adventures
Stories are stories but storytelling has changed. New technologies have always fundamentally changed how we see and process the world but now we are in a period of exponential change.… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Ingrid Kopp
Tribeca Film Institute
Interactive Tablet Design: Making of The Last Hunt
Take a behind-the-scenes look into the NFB’s production of The Last Hunt – a multi-platform interactive photo-story experience dealing with the strength of family bonds, tradition and a cabin in… Read more…
Vincent McCurley
NFB Digital Studio
Invent the Future
Design and technology have a lot in common: they are both highly creative endeavors, they both add beauty to our lives and they both make visible what, without its creator,… Read more…
Robert Wong
Google Creative Lab
jQuery to Javascript: Growing Beyond the DOM
Sooner or later, we all have, or will have to join a “completed” project only to find jQuery soup: functions within functions nested inside AJAX callbacks. It sucks. How did… Read more…
Web Dev
Rich Gilbank
Learning from Science Fiction
For more than a century, science fiction has been both the conscience and the subconscious of the technology industry. Its authors have invented new ideas that became world-changing technologies and they’ve… Read more…
Greg Borenstein
MIT Media Lab
Lessons Learned from the ISS
Thinking of doing your first installation? Wondering what to expect? Come hear about some of the challenges and lessons learned from pulling together a traveling 8-bit photo-booth, AKA: The Interstellar Selfie Station.… Read more…
Nadine Lessio
Making Content Shine: The Drama of Responsive Design
Are you doing it because all the cool kids are? Then join Stacey Mulcahy to look at how the cool kids are doing it and what you can take away… Read more…
Web Dev
Stacey Mulcahy
Microsoft Garage
Making HTML5 Mobile Games Indistinguishable from Native Apps
When developing in web languages like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, you don’t control the majority of the code that is running your game, therefore you need to be able to… Read more…
Gaming Web Dev
Chris Shankland
Big Viking Games
Making New Ways to Make
PARTY is a creative lab in Tokyo & New York. We do weird and fun stuff for both clients and ourselves, by mixing storytelling and technology. We would like to… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Masashi Kawamura
Message in a Browser
Ajax makes client-to-server communication a cinch. Socket.IO makes persistent two-way connections simple. What browser APIs underlie these libraries? What other communication mechanisms are available and how can they help you… Read more…
Web Dev
Dann Toliver
Bento Box
Mistakes, Lessons, and Being Creative
We all make mistakes, Yuko Shimizu has made many. But at least she has learned from it and become a better creative professional. Yuko sat down and made a list… Read more…
Yuko Shimizu
Modular Front-End Development with Sass & Compass Workshop
Note: This all day workshop will run from 10-5pm on Sat April 26th, and is available to WORKS and WORKSHOP ticket holders.  Discover the benefits of using Sass, a CSS… Read more…
Web Dev Workshop
Bermon Painter
Musical Machines and Flapping Phones
In this session, Neil will speak about and demo the tech behind a couple of his projects and showing you how to use them in your own work.  If you’ve… Read more…
Neil Mendoza
Networking, Selling and Pitching
In this session Kevin Airgid will use real world examples of how to improve your networking, selling and pitching skills to increase your sales numbers. Topics will include:
–… Read more…
Kevin Airgid
Airgid Media Inc.
Neural Coupling and Storytelling
How Designers Use Storytelling to Create Infectious Ideas From the beginning, storytellers have been able to lead people on incredible journeys beyond the here and now. By inspiring imagination and… Read more…
Lanny Geffen
New Forms
Kim Pimmel is a bit obsessed with cinematic storytelling through new forms of analog visual effects. Whether using familiar materials in novel ways, or thinking up new techniques entirely, he wants the… Read more…
Kim Pimmel
Oculus Rift : Dos, Don’ts and Demos
2014 is the year that virtual reality will go from a bad memory from the 90s to the beginning of a new way to experience content. Already the Oculus Rift… Read more…
Creative Code Gaming Hardware
Stephan Tanguay
Our Once and Now Relationship with the Book
The physical book is one of the most beloved formats in human culture. Join Pamela – a book-lover and a designer – and travel through history to understand how this… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Pamela Hilborn
Kobo Inc.
Pro Reusability and Maintainability in JavaScript with AngularJS
How much code have you thrown away in your career? Did you ever ask yourself why? What is it that makes my code too complex to maintain? How often should… Read more…
Web Dev
Matias Niemelä
AngularJS Google
Process, Poetics and Performance
How can established techniques in art making and composition find a new voice in the current cultural, technological and creative landscape? Sougwen Chung shares her approach and reflects on her… Read more…
Sougwen Chung
Prometheus Down
Jared Ficklin has written a sequel to Prometheus: he calls it Prometheus Down.  This will be a spoken word telling of epic proportion.  This performance draws from, and may reveal,… Read more…
Jared Ficklin
Rock Star Results Using Creative Cloud Workshop
Note: This all day workshop will run from 10am-5pm on Sat April 26th, and is available to WORKS and WORKSHOP ticket holders. Let’s face it: we all want to be… Read more…
Paul Trani
Showing Your Brand Story Online
In this session, Dave Benton will discuss his strategy to effectively convey a brand online.  Constructing a plot, defining your brand anchor and refining your message will be the focus… Read more…
Business Storytelling
Dave Benton
Signal Processing Magic Tricks for Interactive Installations
Crafting an interactive experience can often be an exercise in taming imprecise meatspace inputs like cameras, microphones and finicky hardware. The communities surrounding toolkits like openFrameworks, Processing, Cinder, PureData, etc… Read more…
Creative Code
Adam Carlucci
Signalnoise: Unplugged in TO
Sometimes the sword finds a weakness in our armour; we lose some blood and maybe stumble a bit, but always grit our teeth and get back on our feet. James… Read more…
James White
Some People Pay to be Kidnapped: V.A.S. Will Do It.
Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, spectator and performer, Brock Enright’s Videogame Adventure Services (V.A.S.) offers the unique experience of  designer kidnappings for those brave enough to sign up.… Read more…
Sorting, Submarines and Stories
Molly Schwartz’s projects come from a need to see something, a place built, a world made, in very specific colors. Each component of a project can be seen as a… Read more…
Creative Code Storytelling
Molly Schwartz
Sparky Jr. (Programmable RGB LED HID)
Sparky Jr. is a programmable RGB LED mod companion light-up activation controller for arcade pushbuttons. 2 parts software, 1 part hardware, the Sparky Jr. is a unique interface and an… Read more…
Eugene Andruszczenko
Streaming Video Without Plugins: the Future of Online Media
For years, browser plugins have been the primary mechanism for playing streaming content over the web.  However, plugins like Flash and Silverlight are rapidly losing their install base these days… Read more…
Web Dev
Jeff Tapper
Digital Primates
Technical Intuition
Andy Gilmore will be discussing his creative process, which developed through a synthesis of technique and intuition and was informed by observing and experimenting with the principles and proportions that… Read more…
Andy Gilmore
Technology: A Means to an End
Technology is fascinating, but should this be what drives us? What are the things you can do to differentiate yourself today? With all that noise, what are things you should… Read more…
Inspire Web Dev
Thibault Imbert
The 360º Technology Revolution
You may be familiar with Google StreetView, but you may not know that 360º technology is about to explode. With the ability for anyone to soon leverage new immersive products… Read more…
Sean Ramsay
The Age of Human Augmentation
The New Anatomy: The Importance of Open Source in the Age of Human Augmentation We look towards the future with hope that technology will allow us to live more healthy… Read more…
Hardware Inspire
Tim Cannon
Grindhouse Wetware
The Future of Experiential Media and Projection Mapping
Leviathan Executive Creative Director, Jason White, reveals his studio’s unique formula for creating new transformative visual experiences and explores the challenges that inevitably arise during the creative and production processes,… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Jason White
The Future of Storytelling and Augmented Reality: It’s All About YOU.
Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly advancing into a new phase of contextually rich personalized experiences and steering away from gimmickry. Working with AR as a PhD researcher and designer for… Read more…
Hardware Storytelling
Dr. Helen Papagiannis, Ph.D.
Augmented Stories
The JavaScripter’s Toolbox
The right tool can boost productivity and improve quality; a whole toolbox can completely revolutionize your workflow! Join Grant Skinner, technical director of gskinner, inc., to learn about the tools… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
The Journey, Not the Destination
We’re creative people not because it’s easy… but because it’s hard. James White, the one-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio, takes you through some of the more turbulent and… Read more…
James White
The Language of People Giving a Shit
Coke killed their corporate website in favour of an editorial channel because they know that their business doesn’t start with their brand, it starts with their customers. As marketers, we… Read more…
Graham Rapsey
Crafted Stories
The Onions of Interactive Infographic Design
HTML is a powerful platform for weaving a story of data through interactivity and motion. What could otherwise be dry, stale, or rather boring information suddenly becomes vibrant, engaging and… Read more…
Web Dev
Sarah Hunt
The Other Singularity
Design for the next pattern of computing After 30-some-odd years, the smartphone has become the peak operating efficiency of the personal pattern of computing, but in many ways, it still… Read more…
Jared Ficklin
The Pixel Painter: An Interview With 98-Year-Old Digital Artist, Hal Lasko
Join an intimate ‘fireside chat’ with Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, for a discussion of the nature of art, technology and the freedom of limitations. What does it mean… Read more…
Things that Happened
Stefan Sagmeister tells stories. Read more…
Stefan Sagmeister
Sagmeister Inc
Tiny Worlds : The Process of Building Very, Very Short Stories
Tendril is a small studio with BIG ideas. This talk will be an in-depth look at the intimate, inner-workings of their creative process, from initial story, character and visual development,… Read more…
Inspire Storytelling
Chris Bahry
Transcending Data
Data tells us “what” and interactions tell us “why”. The classic approach to analytics is to simply observe the data and report the insights, but as analytics becomes a more… Read more…
Creative Code
Marco Petkovski
Transitioning to Unity
There are many great tutorials on getting started with Unity, but few that approach it from the perspective of transitioning from a creative coding platform like Processing, openFrameworks and Cinder.… Read more…
Creative Code
Tim Stutts
Turning Bits Into Atoms
As we spend more of our time online, our actions and interactions become more and more entwined with digital data. But this data is as fickle as the servers that… Read more…
Creative Code
Rachel Binx
Untold Stories // Storytelling Without the Constraints of Specificity
If a picture speaks a thousand words, then storytelling through art should be relatively straightforward. But how do you present a story, when there really isn’t one to tell? Read more…
Alex McLeod
Using Bio-Sensors To Make Interactive Art
For the past 3 years Sophi Kravitz has been developing interactive projects with heartbeats and brainwaves. In this session, she will discuss the process around bringing people into the biofeedback… Read more…
Sophi Kravitz
We Do It In Public
How can technology and interactivity help bring people together in public spaces? In an era of individualism enhanced by technology, where people communicate on virtual networks more than ever, Moment… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Web Components Can Do That?!
This year web development gets a whole lot better thanks to the incredible power of Web Components. In this talk, we’ll use polyfills to help you realize tomorrow’s web platform… Read more…
Web Dev
Addy Osmani
Why Your Next Application Should Be Written in Dart
Google’s new language for writing web applications has reached the magical 1.0 and is well on its way to being standardized by ECMA, the same folks that maintain the JavaScript… Read more…
Web Dev
Chris Strom
You Don’t Need Money
Walter, Patrick and Matt are the co-creators of “Noah”,  the film that won Best Short Film at the TIFF 2013 and racked up over 1.5 million views when the video… Read more…
Walter, Patrick and Matt
You, Me and My Computer
Can we use technology to help us be more human? To smile more, to touch and to listen to each other? What if a computer could understand and make decisions… Read more…
Creative Code Inspire
Lauren McCarthy