FITC Tokyo 2015

2015-02-07 00:00:00 2015-02-09 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Tokyo 2015 Now in its sixth year, FITC Tokyo 2015 consists of presentations from some of the most interesting and engaging digital creators from all around the world. Tokyo FITC JST Tokyo








1. 仕事/キャリアをできるだけ長期間持続するための方法

2. 自分自身の表現方法

3. グローバルマーケットにおける自分自身の評価方法

4. クライアントや共同作業者との継続的な関係確立方法

5. 世界的に評価される一連の作品を作り出す方法


I would like to focus my talk on my career path thus far, the ups/downs and how I was able to overcome particular obstacles.  Using my own career experience as an example, I will be able to share the things that helped me and the lessons I learned that really made a difference, which would be beneficial for others to know.

I will extrapolate on various topics such as creative block, doubt, depression, staying goal-oriented, working with your heroes, and explain particular stories that are connected to my career.  I would also like to discuss and express the idea of self value (how that concept has been self learned and how it has helped my career and life).


Explain my journey and expose the raw facts of how hard work and staying humble can help you greatly in your creative career.

Five things audience members will learn

1. how to create longevity in there work/career

2. how to better represent themselves

3. how to value themselves in a global market

4. how to build lasting connections with clients and collaborators

5. how to build a body of work that is worthy of world recognition