FITC Amsterdam 2015
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  • Amsterdam



Gavin has bludgeoned his way through his creative career using the sledgehammer of excitement, smashing down the walls of knowledge with the brute force of bright colours, positivity and childlike enthusiasm. Armed with graphics and GIFs, Gavin will convince you to take on more than you can handle and go deep down the rabbit hole of creativity, coming out the other side with a ton of side projects and a massive smile on your face.


Make the audience want to punch fighter jets and fire rainbows from their eyes, and feel like nothing is impossible and that they can totally smash through their creative wishlist.

Target Audience

Anyone who’s ever made anything. Ever. No specialities needed, just people who want to DO more.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

No prior knowledge needed. Of anything. A chance to sit for an hour and have your earholes filled with silly words and your eyeballs crammed with a million pixels.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. To say YES more.
  2. Not to wait to be asked.
  3. The power of the side project.
  4. To use and abuse trends.
  5. To not let inexperience put you off pursuing projects.