FITC Amsterdam 2015
  • 2015-02-23 00:00:00 2015-02-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2015 Amsterdam FITC
  • Amsterdam



Where you’ll find 1000+ slides and a few not-so-random thoughts about the pros and cons of creating with code and living through software. Also featuring: the confessions of a geometry addict and data junkie. (Marius stalks his friends with APIs.)


To inspire and provoke, challenge and deprogram.

Target Audience

Designers, artists, open-minded developers.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Cheating at math.
  2. Data stalking.
  3. How to think about forms as systems.
  4. Tips on digital fabrication.
  5. Why artists are desperate.