FlashintheCan 2003

2003-04-14 00:00:00 2003-04-17 00:00:00 America/Toronto FlashintheCan 2003 The 2003 FlashintheCan Festival is the only Canadian Flash Festival of its kind.  The Festival will showcase the many great Flash developers and designers within Canada and through-out the world. Toronto FITC Toronto

3D Cameras in MX
Wouldn’t it be nice if MX had 3D capabilities? We do have the ability to position and move movie clips and sounds in 3D space. This opens the door for… Read more…
Glyn Thomas
Beyond the Desktop: Flash on Mobile Devices
With cell phone surpassing PC sales and marketshare every year, Macromedia Flash is a powerful tool to provide rich content and applications to your clients and beyond. Phillip Torrone will… Read more…
Phillip Torrone
Client Side
Here we will discuss the issues and concerns of new media develpment from the client services perspective. Read more…
Connecting to the Future of Flash
In this session we will break down the Flash Communication Server MX technology into human terms. What exactly is this new technology? And what can we do as developers with… Read more…
Design Intelligence – Explorations in Programmatic Design
The digital delivery platform has redefined the way we look at design and changed the way we look at the design process. We’ve learned that design does not need to… Read more…
Andries Odendaal
Designing for My Mum
As Flash developers we can be guilty of designing sites for other Flash developers – projects that are done purely to demonstrate how big your Flash balls are. What we… Read more…
Web Dev
Brendan Dawes
Experience Matters
The internet is now evolving into a worldwide operating system with distributed data storage, distributed computing, and real-time communication. This provides incredibly fertile ground to create a new generation of… Read more…
Kevin Lynch
Exploring Flash Video
In this session, you learn the in’s and out’s of Flash Video usage in Flash movies. Not only will Robert address client-side issues such as encoding and playback options, but… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
Flash & PHP : An introduction for ActionScripters
PHP is the most popular and fastest growing server-side scripting language on the web today. It’s completely free, has a very similar syntax to ActionScript, and it integrates with Flash… Read more…
Web Dev
Gregg Caines
Flash Gaming
Glen Rhodes has been developing games professionally since 1994, when he began developing for the Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn and the Windows PC. An accomplished computer programmer, and lifelong musician,… Read more…
Glen Rhodes
Flash Remoting
This session will describe the different ways you can use Flash Remoting to transfer data between the server and your end user. You will learn about how Remoting works, general… Read more…
Web Dev
Kevin Towes
Flash Remoting Simplified
Flash Remoting simplifies the Flash application development process by providing a powerful yet simple programming model and runtime enabling Macromedia Flash MX to connect to remote services exposed by application… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Chambers
What is Flashcomm and what can it do?
Read more…
Web Dev
Flow is the state in which things align properly and work is deemed finished. Flow is using systems and patterns found in life which are successful under certain circumstances. Flow… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
Global Panel
Here we will look at the issues facing new media developers and designers from around the world Read more…
Got Business?
Although many developers are in need of work these days, may others have more than they can handle. Why? This session will explore landing and securing Flash related business in… Read more…
Kymberlee Weil
Harmony Among Users: Multiuser Flash Development
Colin Moock, author of “ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide” showcases his latest work with Unity, moock.org’s socket server for creating multiuser Flash content. After some multiuser demonstrations, Moock… Read more…
Web Dev
Colin Moock
Interaction Less Ordinary
Creating engaging experiences is not solely a burden for design or technology, but rather the ways in which the two are combined. Exploring how these fields can be more aptly… Read more…
Erik Natzke
Made In Canada
This panel will be exploring the issues faced in the industry from a Canadian perspective. Read more…
MX Audio FX
Adding audio to your Flash projects can quickly turn average projects into works of art. This session will explore utilizing audio in Flash to the fullest extent with dynamic and… Read more…
Craig Swann
Object-Oriented Concepts for Flash Applications
WARNING: Buzzword concentrations in this session may be hazardous to your health! Applying an object oriented approach to coding Flash applications makes localizing errors and changes simpler, and allows you… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
OOP & Design Patterns
Patterns are time-tested solutions to common software design problems. This session explores some of the essential patterns in Flash applications development, from both the client and server-side perspectives. By applying… Read more…
Dave Yang
Rich Internet Applications : Behind the Hype
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) has become the buzzword of choice for people talking about the future. This session will brush aside the hype and show the full process of creating… Read more…
Web Dev
Branden Hall
Automata Studios
Strategies for Scripted Animation
Learn how to make ActionScripted animation work for you, in this session with someone who literally “wrote the book” on the subject. Penner will explore the key areas of Tweening,… Read more…
Robert Penner
Taming the Hydra: Flash Design & Development Integration
The utopian idea that Flash allows designers to become programmers and vice versa is not always the reality in professional team environments, or even in the loosely structured world of… Read more…
Web Dev
Robert Reinhardt
The Drawing API
What does API mean? Introduction to the Flash MX drawing API Extending from the Macromedia drawing API Incorporating it all into components Presentation of professional and art projects to showcase… Read more…
Véronique Brossier