Mark is the Creative Director and Founder of mixed grill, a Santa Barbara software firm focused on the field of Information Design and Visual Communication. Mixed Grill is the creator of the award winning social software application, introNetworks™.

Mark was the co-founder of Wavefront Technologies in 1984, one of the first commercial animation software developers. Mark served as Ambassador for the organization, Alias|Wavefront. In this role, he worked closely with the development organization and the product teams as a liaison between customers and the company ensuring a close relationship between artists and developers.

Mark initially helped to develop the Advanced Visualizer, a 3D animation system first used at Universal Pictures. The software was used by Industrial Light and Magic to create the landmark effects for the Star Wars movies and all three Lord of the Rings films. In 2003, the 3D animation software called Maya, was awarded an Oscar, for Scientific and Technical Achievement.

Mark is a frequent speaker at industry events including, Flashforward, the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (SF), Siggraph, the National Association of Broadcasters, Digital Media World (Australia) and Nicograph (Japan). He is a sought after judge for Digital Media contests and has published articles on computer animation, digital compositing and the future of digital production techniques. His work is also featured in the book, Return on Innovation. The history of Wavefront, as written by Mark is included in the authoritative text, CG101, the History of Computer Graphics.