FITC Chicago 2007

2007-06-08 00:00:00 2007-06-09 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Chicago 2007 1 full day and night of Design & Technology Two tracks of presentations – 14 presentations in total Presentations in Creative, Technical, and Business areas, focusing on cutting edge trends and developments within the Digital Production Industry Renowned design and technology presenters from around the… Chicago FITC Chicago


50 Reasons ActionScript3 Kicks AS
ActionScript 3 is by far the most significant upgrade to the language in its 10 year history. This session will explore 50 reasons that the newest version of AS is… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner
ActionScript Object-Oriented Programming
The introduction of ActionScript 2.0 completely changed the way we look at programming in Flash. Those who were brought up on Flash are now getting a taste of the real… Read more…
Web Dev
Adam Brown
Avoid That Sucking Sound
It’s very common for Flash developers and designers to find themselves in the unexpected role of sound designer. It’s also common for creative people (communicators) to want to harness the… Read more…
Dave Schroeder
Big Spaceship: Rich Media Entertainment
Get a glimpse into the approach and process the crew at Big Spaceship uses to create award winning rich media websites for entertainment and lifestyle brands. Josh will talk about… Read more…
Joshua Hirsch
Creating Rich Interactive Content with Adobe Flash Media Server 2.0
The session will provide an introduction to the Flash Media Server 2, the Flash Media Encoder and a sneak preview of the new Adobe Media Player. It will demonstrate the… Read more…
Web Dev
Jens Loeffler
Experience Information
From start to finish, Marcos will dissect the process of conceptualizing, building and deploying a large scale Interactive Information Visualization Application for a real world client. From rough pencil sketches… Read more…
Marcos Weskamp
Finding Inspiration
Chuck will talk about what to do when you feel in a creative rut and desperately need inspiration and motivation as well as showcase new commercial and personal projects. Who… Read more…
Chuck Anderson
Globalized Search Engine Friendly Flash
Impress your friends and clients by having your site utilize the browser Back and Next buttons, be search engine friendly, and be driven by a scalable, globalized architecture. We’ll look… Read more…
Web Dev
Scott Ingalls
GMUNK will share his latest projects, dissect them proper / tender and show some behind the scenes dirt so we can all learn something along the way. If GMUNK and… Read more…
How to Navigate the Flex Infrastructure
90% of the contractors and experts that we bring on board have no idea how to navigate the flex source code to find what they need. Very few have any… Read more…
Web Dev
Michael Labriola
This presentation will take a look at the processes, benefits and challenges of creating commercial and personal work in the context of a small motion design studio. We will look… Read more…
Ron Gervais
Inside Apollo
By now you’ve heard about Apollo and have an idea of what it’s all about, but what you want to know is how to make Apollo soar. Mike Downey will… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Downey
Papervision3D: An Opensource Flash 3D Engine
Papervision3D is a high performance opensource 3D engine for Flash 8 and Flash 9. It has been optimized for rendering speed and quality, and is designed to be simple and… Read more…
Web Dev
Ralph Hauwert
Unity Technologies
The Motion Graphics Dream Team: Using After Effects with Flash
After Effects CS3 Professional allows interactive and motion graphics designers to be more creative and productive than ever before. Focusing on the new features in After Effects CS3, this session… Read more…
Michael Coleman
What’s New with Flash CS3 – Integration & Workflow
Come see the new Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. In this talk, we’ll walk you through the latest features including the new Adobe interface, native import of both Photoshop and Illustrator files,… Read more…
Web Dev
Richard Galvan
Dolby Laboratories
Zen Flash Application Development
Developing the proverbial rich internet application can be a daunting task. Not only do they contain all the complexities of database modeling and server-side programming, but they also require us… Read more…
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