FITC Chicago 2007

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90% of the contractors and experts that we bring on board have no idea how to navigate the flex source code to find what they need. Very few have any idea about the component creation life cycle, and even more stare at us strangely when we suggest they simply extend one of the flex components in actionscript to override the default behavior. Teaching the ins and outs of the source, conventions followed, file locations and the basics of creating and overriding would go a long way for the developer that wants to be a step ahead.

Who this presentation is for:

Intermediate to Advanced Developers

What attendees will walk away with:

Attendees will walk away with the ability to find what they need when debugging and know where to look when developing something new. Specifically, they will understand the layout and a lot of the conventions used in the Flex framework and gather some very practical advice about extending it, reusing it, and going beyond what Adobe even imagined.