FITC Chicago 2007

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Developing the proverbial rich internet application can be a daunting task. Not only do they contain all the complexities of database modeling and server-side programming, but they also require us to know how to architect functional Flash interfaces. Unlike HTML sites (except maybe those that use a lot of AJAX), a lot goes on after a Flash application has initially loaded onto your screen. Even more, many applications today need to be built under tight timelines and with small teams of one or two people. We live in a world where “enterprise” has been replaced by “agile” development.

So, how can you design, develop, and deploy rich Flash applications quickly without having to cut corners or get quickly lost in our code? In this session, Craig and Ka Wai will break down Flash application development in new and interesting ways – call it a series of Zen-like philosophies if you want. We’ll also show some work samples and home-grown development tools that adhere to these philosophies.

Who this presentation is for:

This presentation is for rich Flash application designers and developers with a good knowledge of Actionscript 2 and OOP who want an enlightening new look at application design and development.

What attendees will walk away with:

An enlightened look at developing Flash applications.