FITC Amsterdam 2010

2010-02-22 00:00:00 2010-02-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2010 The combination of unbelievable international presenters, incredible networking opportunities and the infamous FITC parties, all with the amazing backdrop of the city of Amsterdam, creates a stage set for the unexpected. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam

3D for the Masses
Carlos Ulloa will discuss a selection of the latest work in interactive 3D, created at his studio HelloEnjoy in London. The founder of Papervision3D will take a look deep into… Read more…
Carlos Ulloa
3D motion graphics for Flash using CINEMA 4D
In this presentation we show how easy it is to make professional 3D animations with CINEMA 4D and     Flash. We start with a short CINEMA 4D showreel of 3D… Read more…
Web Dev
A Special Hour with Geoffrey and Anita
Interactive art directors Anita Fontaine and Geoff Lillemon make up the whimsical collective Champagne Valentine. They specialize in expanding the interactive, new media and motion terrain by combing facets from… Read more…
Champagne Valentine
Adobe Keynote
Want to know what Adobe is up to? Join us to learn about the current state of the Flash Platform and to take a peek at where we’re taking things… Read more…
Richard Galvan
Dolby Laboratories
Art of Play
Sometimes the most effective way to captivate an audience is through delivering an experience that defies the convention. Pioneering the bleeding edges of technologies is not unlike spending countless hours… Read more…
Erik Natzke
Behind the Scenes: Pencil Rebel
Whenever you use advanced technology or a pencil, what matters is the initial idea and the process of it’s creation.” During this session, you will be presented with a range… Read more…
Greg Hoyna
Pencil Rebel
Bridging the Gaps Between Disciplines in Creative Teams
Workflow is a much discussed topic these days. Making sure that a team works well together between disciplines can make the difference in any commercial project. Even though specific software… Read more…
De Monsters
Building High Performance iPhone Applications with ActionScript 3
Adobe has announced that the next version of Flash, Adobe Flash CS5, will have support for creating standalone iPhone applications. However, the iPhone is a mobile device and runs much… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Chambers
Building iPhone Apps with Flash CS5
Flash CS5 will introduce the “iPhone Packager” that will take all of your beautiful tweens and ActionScript and turn them into an iPhone app that can be put on the… Read more…
Web Dev
James Eberhardt
Canadian Digital Service
Building Maintainable Applications with PureMVC
During those coding moments when you just know that the creativity and the logic are all flowing unimpeded, coding at the speed of thought, it can be exhilarating! Yet six… Read more…
Web Dev
Javier Julio
Can Play Well with Others
Designers aspire to pixel perfection, developers care about functional intent – are these truly irreconcilable differences? Learn to just get along in this session as we explore tips and tricks… Read more…
Stacey Mulcahy
Microsoft Garage
Change the World with Bikes
As the publisher of Bike Hugger, Byron has ridden his bike in cities all over the world. In this presentation, he’ll share how we can make our cities more livable… Read more…
DL Byron
Character Animation For Games
An introduction to making characters react in a life-like and improvisational manner, using animation and AI. The techniques introduced in this session are based on industry standards, and are currently used to create some… Read more…
Web Dev
Shane McCartney
Connecting the Dots
A few thousand years ago the ancient geeks already knew that you just need three things to have some serious fun: a pencil, a ruler and a pair of compasses.… Read more…
Mario Klingemann
Cool Japanese Flash
oin FITC as we introduce to you some of the coolest Flash work coming out of Japan, right here at FITC Amsterdam. 100% ActionScript-made ActionScript Editor
with Keiichi YoshikawaRead more…
Creativity and Chaos
Unexpected life events, miracles, tragedies, random occurrences, freak accidents, remembered dreams, screw-ups, messes, falling leaves, falling in love, craziness, evolution, madness, traffic snarls, boredom, depression, lottery winnings, overdoses, auditory elation,… Read more…
Jason Theodor
Flash Catalyst
Adobe Flash Catalyst is a new interaction design tool for rapidly creating application interfaces and interactive content – without coding. In this session, Mark will show you how you can… Read more…
Web Dev
Mark Anders
From DIY to 007
MK12 co-founder Shaun Hamontree discusses how lo-fi techniques help pave the way to original thinking and timeless designs which helped pave the way for projects like Quantum of Solace and… Read more…
From Flash to Unity (and back)
Unity is a new technology that is taking the web by storm. Along with Flash engines such as Papervision and Away3D it announces a shift in general web desing, where… Read more…
Web Dev
Bartek Drozdz
Hacking SWF
This session gives an overview of the SWF file format and provides hands-on examples of useful SWF hacks and tricks, from changing the script timeout limit to exporting embedded vector… Read more…
Web Dev
Claus Wahlers
Hearing Pictures with the Synesthesizer
The Synesthesizer — the first publicly available output from Project Ludi, a long-term skunkworks project at Almer/Blank — is a Flash 10 application that translates pictures into music in real-time. In this… Read more…
R Blank
In the very beginning there was already interaction. Everybody in the world used tools to interACT with food, animals, water, fire… Since +10 years we have ActionScript to create interactive… Read more…
Web Dev
Koen De Weggheleire
ISO50: Blending Analogue and Digital
Deconstructing concepts and methods for seamlessly combining the synthesized and the real. Scott will be discussing the technique and methodology of his poster art, breaking down the concepts behind the… Read more…
Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50)
Less, but better
In this session Hoss deconstructs his latest creation,, a online drawing tool that provided him with an opportunity to eat his own dog food. For years now Hoss has… Read more…
Hoss Gifford
Making Meaningful Data Meaningful
As the use of data visualization grows among a broader audience, designers and developers find themselves lost in the process when trying to visually represent large amounts of information. One… Read more…
Web Dev
Wesley Grubbs
May Your Tweens Come True
Spend a session with Chris Georgenes as he examines the differences between Motion and Classic tweens while building a character from the ground up and rigging it for animation. Read more…
Web Dev
Chris Georgenes
Mobile Flash Player 10 Internals
Flash Player is coming to a SmartPhone and NetBook near you! You’ll see what’s different about the player on these low powered devices. Topics covered include what we had to… Read more…
Web Dev
Jim Corbett
GMUNK will thoroughly breakdown a grip of new work, exposing both their creative and production challenges along the way.. We’d expect to see a healthy serving of Design, Photography and… Read more…
North Kingdom – An Inside View
Step inside North Kingdom and get better notion on how things are conducted inside the creative monarchy. With great experience gained from collaborating with the worlds leading brands, North Kingdom… Read more…
David Eriksson
North Kingdom
Quick as a Flash
Making interactive experiences and application more responsive and less CPU intensive requires a multi-pronged approach that considers code, art, animation, and user experience. This session will teach you basic optimization… Read more…
Web Dev
Grant Skinner Awards: The Best Real-Time Graphic Demos of 2009
This screening will showcase the absolute best in realtime non-interactive art – also known as ‘demos’ – accompanied by insights, facts and fun. The Awards were established in 2003,… Read more…
Bent Stamnes
Set your Code on Fire
A session not to be missed if you want to improve your Flash and Flex development workflow and boost your programming efficiency. Michael demonstrates how the coding flow can significantly… Read more…
Web Dev
Michael Plank
Sixteen Colors
Forget about pixels, let’s talk characters. This session explores the creative world of native machine textmode in Flash, from the absurd to the practical. Peter, a self-professed code art addict,… Read more…
Peter Nitsch
Sounds like Actionscript?
Creating music in runtime rather than playing static MP3 files leads to an enormous number of options to deal with its spectrum. Starting with simple waveform generation, Andre Michelle shows… Read more…
Andre Michelle
The Apparat
Apparat is an aggregate of frameworks to optimize and manipulate SWF files. Its core feature is TAAS the ThreeAddressActionScript compiler. Joa Ebert will show how TAAS works and why it… Read more…
Web Dev
Joa Ebert
The Cool Shit Hour!
oin us for this one hour presentation where we’ve taken 5 of the top Flashers and asked them to show some cool shit they are working or experimenting on in… Read more…
Web Dev
The Return of the Blob
Frank will be showing filters and effects that go far beyond the simple usage of Flash built-in´s. For instance, the DropShadowFilter or the BlurFilter. In this talk Frank will combine… Read more…
Web Dev
Frank Reitberger
The Strangest Things I’ve Ever Seen
Programming the computer is the process of arranging symbols and data into instructions a computer can follow.  The languages we use are finite, initial conditions are known, and all data… Read more…
Jared Tarbell
Touch Me Baby
Flash Player 10.1 introduces a full, native multi-touch API that allows you to create some amazing applications. Multi-touch interactions are now very common thanks to devices like the iPhone. In… Read more…
Web Dev
Lee Brimelow
United Visual Artists (UVA)
United Visual Artists are a British-based collective whose current practice spans permanent architectural installation, live performance and responsive installation. Coming from a background in architecture, Chris formed UVA in 2002 and… Read more…
Chris Bird
UnitZeroOne : Skunkworks
In this session Ralph will explore and reveal his journeys into creating real-time graphics with code. With all new and shiny tips&tricks from his “graphics coding black book”. A session… Read more…
Web Dev
Ralph Hauwert
Unity Technologies
What’s new in AIR 2 and Flash Player 10.1
Learn about the new features and APIs in AIR 2 and Flash Player 10.1. You’ll learn how to use the new multi-touch and gesture APIs across operating systems, mass storage… Read more…
Web Dev
Serge Jespers
Seb share’s his experience on the Papervision3D team and as Technical Director at Plug-in Media putting the fun back into digital, whether through Flash games, projects that involve the wider… Read more…
Web Dev
Seb Lee-Delisle
Workshop: Accelerating Creativity in ActionScript 3
Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Feb 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket. Concept
Flash… Read more…
Branden Hall
Automata Studios
Workshop: Byte My Flash
Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Feb 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket. In this full-day… Read more…
Web Dev
Lee Brimelow
Workshop: Working with and Extending Events in ActionScript 3 for Flash CS3 and CS4
Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Feb 21), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket. Note on Versions: While… Read more…
R Blank