FITC Amsterdam 2010

2010-02-22 00:00:00 2010-02-24 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2010 The combination of unbelievable international presenters, incredible networking opportunities and the infamous FITC parties, all with the amazing backdrop of the city of Amsterdam, creates a stage set for the unexpected. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam



Forget about pixels, let’s talk characters. This session explores the creative world of native machine textmode in Flash, from the absurd to the practical. Peter, a self-professed code art addict, will chronicle his work and shed some light into the often obscure scene of ANSI Art, terminals, textmode demos, and ASCII games. Along with experiments written entirely in ActionScript, much of the work demoed in this session will explore the vast possibilities opened up by Alchemy and the true programming home of textmode: C/C++.