FITC Amsterdam 2008

2008-02-25 00:00:00 2008-02-27 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2008 Having successfully held events in Toronto, Chicago, Winnipeg, and Hollywood, FITC makes its Europe debut in Amsterdam. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam


A Little History of Onesize
“Progression” and “evolution” are the two keywords we would like to address in our presentation. We will take you behind the scenes of projects like G4 re-branding, as well as… Read more…
Web Dev
ActionScript 4??
See what’s coming in the proposed next version of ECMAScript, the language standard upon which core ActionScript is based. Discussion is based on the document “Proposed ECMAScript 4th Edition –… Read more…
Web Dev
Colin Moock
Adaptable Interfaces
This will be a wide focus show and tell of next generation interfaces from both Jon’s personal work and that of Schematic. As users get more sophisticated, their demand for… Read more…
Jon Ruppel
Adobe Keynote
Join Mike Downey, Group Manager of Platform Evangelism at Adobe, for a look at Adobe’s innovating new and existing platform technologies including Adobe AIR, Flex, Flash, Thermo, BlazeDS, ColdFusion and… Read more…
AE & Flash CS3
These days video is the web and Flash Video is one of the driving forces to push it that way. In this session you will learn how to create the… Read more…
Tiago Dias
AIR Conditioning
Now that most of the Flash community knows about AIR and what it’s capable of, this session will consist of a deep-dive on the main API features and workflows. It… Read more…
Web Dev
Lee Brimelow
Beyond the Buttons
Learning new programming languages, development tools, and technologies is a fun (and essential) part of what we do but they are not ends in and of themselves. Integrated Development Environments… Read more…
Aral Balkan
Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Playing
Sometimes the most effective way to captivate an audience is through delivering an experience that defies the convention. Pioneering the bleeding edges of technologies is not unlike spending countless hours… Read more…
Erik Natzke
Big Spaceship: Digital Creative Agency
Get a glimpse into the approach and process the crew at Big Spaceship uses to create award winning rich media websites for entertainment and lifestyle brands. Among other things, Josh… Read more…
Joshua Hirsch
Branding Experiences: An Architecture of Play
Experience Design: when motion graphics meet emergent technology and architecture to create interactive spaces of physical and virtual realities. Unlike traditional branded environments, these new spaces are intelligent and immersive.… Read more…
Tali Krakowsky
Building AIR Applications with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Learn how to build cross-platform desktop applications using the world’s most popular interactive design tool. In this session Mike Downey, Group Manager of Platform Evangelism at Adobe and former Flash… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Downey
Building Red5 Applications
Take your Flash and Flex applications to the next level. Add streaming video, live interactivity and push technology to your projects, all using the acclaimed open source Red5 Flash server.… Read more…
Web Dev
Chris Allen
Chop the Hydra!
In 2007 Adobe announced Hydra, a shader language for After Effects and Flash. Hydra runs with native speed and uses the GPU which results in enormous speed. A lot of… Read more…
Web Dev
Joa Ebert
Coding Jigs – Work Smarter, Not Harder
Woodworkers often make their own temporary tools to make specific jobs easier. These tools are called jigs and it’s high time we bring the practice to programming rich media! This… Read more…
Branden Hall
Automata Studios
Data Visualization with Flex and AIR
After a brief demo of the Google Analytics Reporting Suite we’ll start taking it apart and start digging deeper to explore the possibilities for data visualization with Flex and AIR.… Read more…
Web Dev
Nicolas Lierman
Do The Right Thing. Do The Thing Right.
Robert will look at the best practices in design and visual communication. How and why convey what to whom – when, where, and with which intended result? Strategic counsel, practical… Read more…
Robert L. Peters
Flash 2D & 3D Effects
In this session we’ll look at how to create stunning visual effects using the Flash API and AS3. Although technical, this session will also be targeted at Designers, since they’ll… Read more…
Web Dev
Ralph Hauwert
Unity Technologies
Flash Now and in the Future
Learn how to get the most value out of Flash CS3 Professional. This session will cover features like integration and the new ActionScript 3.0 UI components, but we’ll also look… Read more…
Web Dev
Serge Jespers
Flash On Mobile Devices
The Flash desktop client is installed in 99.1% of desktop computers providing rich and engaging experiences across multiple platforms. In 2008 Flash Lite will ship on all Series 40, Series… Read more…
Web Dev
Mark Doherty
Flex Solutions For Your Daily Development
Flex is the quickest and most effective technology for the creation of Rich Internet Applications for the Web. Its extensive library of components and totally customizable framework, combined with the… Read more…
Web Dev
Marco Casario
From Screen to Space: Designing Large-Scale Interactive Experiences
Interactivity is rapidly moving away from the small screen into the physical world, delivering experiences that engage users on a more immersive, life-size level.
Nikolai will take you through… Read more…
Nikolai Cornell
GMUNK will share his favourite projects, dissect them proper/tender and show loads of behind the scenes dirt so we can all learn something along the way.. We’d expect to see… Read more…
Harnessing Flash Video – Workshop- SOLD OUT
Sorry! This workshop is sold out! Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Sun Feb 24), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or… Read more…
Web Dev
R Blank
Kaboom!!! Flash Pyrotechnics (and other particle effects)
Who’d have thought it? With only a few lines of very unscary code we can make smoke, sparks, explosions, splashes and bubbles. Creating a particle system may sound scary, but… Read more…
Web Dev
Seb Lee-Delisle
Making REAL Music Within Flash
Andre Michelle describes an option to synthesize dynamic audio within the Flash Player 9.
This opens up a lot of new possibilities in being creative with Flash, including runtime… Read more…
Andre Michelle
Mastering AIR Development – Workshop-SOLD OUT
Sorry! This workshop is sold out! Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Sun Feb 24), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or… Read more…
Web Dev
Samuel Agesilas
Modulating A Lot
A behind the scenes peek into the imaginary world of Presstube & friends. Read more…
James Paterson
Motion, Animation, Whatever…
By going through some of our latest projects we want to point out the diversity in design and media that motion graphics deal with. We’ll take you trough the process… Read more…
New Works
This presentation will showcase the latest work of Joshua Davis studios. Who this presentation is for: Anyone who has an interest in the creative process of Joshua Davis. What attendees… Read more…
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Studios
North Kingdom – An Inside View
Step inside North Kingdom and get a better notion of how things are conducted inside the creative monarchy. With great experience gained from collaborating with the world’s leading brands, North… Read more…
Papervision3D From The Core – Workshop- SOLD OUT
SORRY! This Workshop is SOLD OUT! Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Sun Feb 24), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or… Read more…
Web Dev
Paperworld3D: A New Multiplayer Experience
Paperworld3D is a multi-player engine based on Red5 server using Papervision3D for the client game experience. Paperworld will be providing a client side API for players to create custom engines,… Read more…
Web Dev
John \m/ Grden
Play with Pixels, Bitmap Manipulation with Flash!
Maybe you’ve used a displacement or convolution filter but never understood how it actually works…maybe you need some inspiration for your next mashup or you just want some tips on… Read more…
Web Dev
Koen De Weggheleire
Playful, Functional Interface Design and the Convergence of Dynamic Media Design and Development
This presentation is about the convergence of dynamic media design and development. Guided by 8 years of project based and personal work, you will get an insight into the evolution… Read more…
Remon Tijssen
Reducing Complexity: An Intimate Look at Saffron
Take a second to imagine if you will, a development environment where a program’s behavior can be defined by a unique combination of different points between time and space. Then… Read more…
Web Dev
Samuel Agesilas
Renascent Interact
Join us for an open and interactive technical and conceptual presentation on some of the latest projects from Renascent. This presentation will involve discussion, but Q&A is highly encouraged, so… Read more…
Web Dev
Joost Korngold
Google Daydream
RIA Meets Desktop: Introduction to AIR APIs
This session looks at Adobe’s AIR runtime and discusses how you can best develop applications that run seamlessly in both an online and desktop environment. You’ll learn all about leveraging… Read more…
Web Dev
Peter Elst
SWFObject 2.0: The Fine Art of Embedding Flash Content
Why does the embedding of your favorite plug-in content have to be such a pain? How to avoid broken Flash content, create standards compliant web pages, avoid click-to-activate mechanisms, create… Read more…
Web Dev
Bobby van der Sluis
The Circle
Designers and programmers commonly find themselves arranging objects in space. In this presentation Jared will discuss his recent interest in the circle and it’s usefulness in both design and animation.… Read more…
Web Dev
Jared Tarbell
The Rest of the Iceberg
The final product is the tip of the iceberg. It’s the bit that everybody sees. But out of sight, out of mind is the rest of the iceberg – the… Read more…
Web Dev
Hoss Gifford
Under the Hood: The Nuts & Bolts of Flash Video
Features of Flash Video
• Formats
• Delivery options
• HD
• Hardware Acceleration
Doing It
• The FLVPlayback Component
• Adding Closed… Read more…
Web Dev
R Blank
We Do It ‘Cause We Love It
This presentation will give a behind the scenes look at Hanazuki/Aiko as a store, as a studio and as a brand. Niko will show how personal and commercial works can… Read more…
Niko Stumpo