FITC Amsterdam 2008

2008-02-25 00:00:00 2008-02-27 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2008 Having successfully held events in Toronto, Chicago, Winnipeg, and Hollywood, FITC makes its Europe debut in Amsterdam. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam



SORRY! This Workshop is SOLD OUT!

Note that this is a Pre-Festival Workshop Day (Sun Feb 24), and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ ticket, or the ‘Pre-Festival Workshop’ ticket.

For the first time, spend an entire day with core Papervision development team as we take you through the latest version of the engine from the perspective of each of the team members. We’ll cover nearly everything from the basics, through new Collada support, Inspriation and shaders. We’ll show some advanced concepts and try some hands on projects with Flash IDE and Flex Builder. You won’t want to miss this truly rare opportunity to have all the core team in one room for one day!

What the team will cover individually:
John will cover basics, the CS3 Component updates and demos with interactivity and walk through an Xwing Flight Training sample application from the ground up which includes such topics as:

1. Chase Camera (FreeCamera3D)
2. Keyboard interaction
3. new DAE object loading and manipulation
4. Interactive Cube demo with Flash UI components
5. New features of 2.0 Component for CS3

Using real world examples, Carlos will focus his part of the workshop in 3D application design, performance optimization and 3D usability. Expect general guidelines on how to tackle a 3D project and lots of practical tips and tricks.

Ralph will cover and explain using shadedmaterials, viewports and shaders.

Tim will be covering ASCollada, animation, frustrum camera and a few other tricks up his sleeve.

What you will take away from it:
A wide understanding and exposure to the entire PV3D engine and code base.

Tools needed:


Software Required:
Flash CS3 IDE *
FlexBuilder 2 or 3 *

3D application (3DStudio Max, Maya, Swift3D etc)

 Presented by: 
Rich Media Institute