Michael Chang exists in the awkward cracks between creative code, web development, and indie games.

As the founder of MIN/MAX, a San Francisco based creative code agency, his work includes the FWA-Winning 100,000 Stars, a visualization of nearby star systems and the Milky Way, Small Arms Trade, a collaboration with Google on global weapons networks, and many more “Chrome Experiments”.

During the last eight years he’s lead Puny Human to create a competitive online multi-player sword fighting game Blade Symphony. In between those years he’s worked with science fiction author Neal Stephenson on Clang, a motion controlled medieval sword fight simulator.

These experiences gave Michael a unique view into facets of many industries, having spoken at Game Developers Conference (GDC China) and multiple FITC talks (Toronto & Amsterdam). Delighted with sharing knowledge, Michael has given workshops at EyeO Festival in Minneapolis and Gray Area Foundation in San Francisco.

Born in Taiwan and graduated from UCLA Design | Media Arts.